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Comment Re:I wish I could replace it (Score 1) 418

Mostly same boat here with a Toshiba 34inch CRT. I don't like the raw space consumption of this thing, but it's still kicking and displays decently. I wish it had a better digital resolution mapping, but with a little CTRL +/- fiddling, most pages are readable. I just haven't seen any tech that's got me willing to upgrade, despite the inconveniences.

Comment Like most new tech.... (Score 1) 154

This is being overly hyped before the actual results most of us would consider significant. From TFA: "Although none of the embryos survived longer than a few days, the work is encouraging for others looking to clone a variety of currently-extinct animals". I realize that there may be significant steps taken with this attempt, but the real success for most people is when of these things is hopping around.

Comment This will be doomed.... (Score 4, Informative) 350

to be a small 1 pointer at the bottom of an old thread, but in case anyone is still mining...

In addition to wasteland which was already mentioned (which finally has WL2 coming!!) I think there was another awesome RPGs not mentioned:
Alternate Reality (the dungeon)

This great game has it all - humor, great music, discovery, tons of monsters and items and a neat story. It's really hard, but worth it.

and a modern reboot:

Submission + - Woman arrested for filming police in Rochester NY (rt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Another instance of police violating of an American citizen's civil liberties has occurred in Rochester, NY. A woman records a routine traffic stop on her video camera, from the front lawn of her property, only to be put in cuffs and arrested by police who felt a citizen's oversight of their activity is punishable by law. The frequency of similar types of events are on the rise... My gut tells me it is only a matter of time before the supreme court is judging the constitutionality of recording a police force.

Submission + - Hulu for Sale: Is There Good News for Users? (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "The LA Times reports that Hulu, which is jointly owned by Comcast, News Corp., Disney, and Providence Equity, has retained investment banks Guggenheim Partners and Morgan Stanley to help them find a buyer. And Yahoo is said to have expressed an interest, but not made a firm offer. But what might this sale mean for users? GigaOm says we can expect to see more ads. But there are also 'indications that free Hulu users will have to be a cable subscriber in order to watch shows the day after they air,' says blogger Peter Smith."

Submission + - Police share Intelligence on innocent people (backup-technology.com)

doperative writes: Logica have worked alongside The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) to develop a new database which allows Police departments across England and Wales to share intelligence relating to crime ..

Advocates of the new database retort by arguing that it is the nature of police work which makes it essential to hold the records of innocent people ..

In total around 12,000 authorised officers will have access with secure access controls acting to ensure that only role relevant information can be searched.

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