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Comment Re:How (Score 2) 301

The Slashdot tagline is 'News for nerds, stuff that matters'. Many of the most active discussions on Slashdot have had very little to do with tech. If you want a tech site, just visit a tech site. If you don't like an article on Slashdot, skip it. If you don't like the articles of Slashdot in general, just leave.

Comment Just use Ubuntu (Score 4, Insightful) 510

You say you don't want to spend time tinkering. As we don't know what specific software/hardware you will run, only general advice can be given. So generally speaking, if you go with the flow and use the most used distro, that will maximize chances that any 3rd party software you use will work with it. Even if something goes wrong, you have the largest chance of being able to Google your way to a solution. So, then consider Ubuntu (or another mainstream Linux distro).

Comment Re:Not believed to be because of climate change (Score 1) 335

As I asked in the comment, please read up instead of giving wildly incorrect speculation based on your gut feeling. There are very good reasons I used that wording. If you believe that you know better than the scientists that spend their lives studying these issues, without even reading up on the reasoning, then you are no better than Trump who similarly denies valid research because it doesn't fit his narrative.

Comment Re:Not believed to be because of climate change (Score 1, Interesting) 335

Not sure if you are joking, but interestingly the Antarctic has been warming up for over 50000 years (obviously, not every year, decade or century or even millennium has been warmer than the last, but the overall trend has been one of raising temperatures). However, the amount of ice on Antarctica is actually still increasing (as warming doesn't mean that it's warm).

Comment Re:Not believed to be because of climate change (Score 3, Interesting) 335

There is endless documentation about this. Even the article Slashdot linked says nothing about climate change. For a mainstream media example:
"There is no direct evidence to link this event to climate change, he added. Although the general ice shelf decay along the Antarctic Peninsula has been linked to a warming world, this rift appears to have been developing for many decades, and the result is likely natural, according to Project MIDAS."

Changes in the antarctic are a complicated subject, I suggest reading up before making assumptions.

Comment Re:I'm shopping for a phone now (Score 1) 536

expect to buy one in the next couple months (OK, I'm not all that serious about it yet). The 2 things I demand are a regular headphone jack, and an SDCC card slot.

How about a starting your search with the Nokia 3110 classic? Assuming by SDCC you mean SD Card Controller. What does SDCC stand for?

Comment Re:"American Dream"? (Score 1) 126

Large-scale copyright infringement is a felony in many countries, and we got our current draconian copyright system in large part at the urging of European publishers. Copyright law is still more permissive in the US than elsewhere.

So it is purely coincidental that this Estonian national, that was living in the Netherlands, ended up in prison in the US? While the law may be more permissive, this will do you absolutely no good as the prosecutors will pressure you into accepting a plea deal that barely involves the actual law, or facing a decade long campaign against you facing trumped up charges for 50 years jailtime. There are no countries in the world where more people got hurt in anti-copyright lawsuits than the US.

Comment Re:W3C Push API (Score 2) 116

Yes, if you follow the docs it's not really hard but feels like a mess... There is no way to send any payload or data with the message, they use registration id's which are depricated in real GCM, the service-worker and manifest seem overkill just to receive a message, and you need HTTPS for the service-worker (which is fine for production, but a bit of a pain for development). Hopefully they will improve things in the coming times.

Comment W3C Push API (Score 4, Informative) 116

This is mostly a change in API, Google is now pushing for the W3C Push API to become the standard for web push notifications. This (amongst other things) allows developers to use the same much more commonly used push code used for Android notifications (Google Cloud Messaging) to send messages to web browsers. As Google is trying to push this API, having it's own internal (and hardly used) competitor doesn't make sense.

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