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Comment Re:This is sacrilege plain and simple (Score 1) 354

It's really fucking absurd, and I say this as a millennial having the pleasure of discovering Star Trek after it was all done airing.

Their stupid fucking "alternate timeline" shit doesn't make sense. At the time of the anomaly which split timelines, Sulu was three years old. No amount of Chaos theory would change the divergent timeline so that Sulu was gay.

Comment Re:Blizzard takes games seriously (Score 1) 250

So what's your better proposition? Handle all of the sensitive data about the game state on the server, only giving out access to those who need it?

I mean sure, it would work, but would also chew through server resources, since you'd have to have a separate instance /for every player in every game/. Not to mention network latency problems.

Are you going to start encrypting game data? Sounds like that'd seriously affect performance.

Please, explain to me how shitty programming is responsible for people hacking the game.

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