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Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 198

No, of course not, not after getting a degree. The worth skyrockets even if your skills are the same.

And sure, he's wiping people's asses. So what? That doesn't have anything to do with trying to pay someone low for their skills because they don't have a cert or a piece of paper or whatever, and the end of the day the software ships and the customer doesn't care if a degree-holder wrote it or not. They just want it to work.

And yeah, it's kind of crap. I was given table level access to their databases yet still making relatively the same amount. It was absurd (hence why I left) that you're paying peanuts for skills that are otherwise worth quite a bit more. But feel free to go tell your junior dev team you're going to cut their salaries in half because they should feel lucky to have a first job.

Or you'll what? Hire the first poor schmuck off the street? Don't tell me that it could be worse for me when the company is getting the way better part of the deal, like they're somehow doing a favor. I was the one doing the favor.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 198

Translation: work long hours for minimum wage.

I got a software job without a degree post 2010. The company I was working for said I was doing a great job and gave me $30k a year, despite performing better than developers they were hiring that have been in the workforce for 5-10 years that they had to pay well over 2x as much. It's a joke to get talent for cheap.

Comment Re:That's Great But... (Score 1) 43

I'm not going to worry about terms like "climate denier" or use something like "scientific consensus". That shouldn't convince you really of anything.

I use the word "definitive" because that's when satellite corrections took place, leading to a corroboration of evidence gathered. I really don't give a shit if you think that its natural cycles or our current hundred years aren't "statistically significant" for whatever the hell that means. It's pretty basic fucking observation that you can do in your kitchen.

Do you know how greenhouse gasses work and why they're called that? If you don't, you're about 150 years behind in your Chemistry, back when people still thought bloodletting was a good idea. Good, now what happens when you dump lots of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere? Both of which are greenhouse gasses? And don't get me started on global dimming or albedo reflection, it's pretty fucking obvious the world is warming up.

So you know that we're dumping tons of substances that would cause the world to get warmer, and it is. Whether it's "natural cycles" or whatever bs you may come up with or not, the fact of the matter is we're pumping greenhouse gasses into the fucking atmosphere. WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK ITS GOING?

That's not even the worst part, the worst part is that sealed gasses at poles, trapped in ice, are getting melted, and we're just like, "Yeah well we probably didn't cause it because uh... Natural trends!" If you think this, you must be mentally retarded, because there is no possible way you can accept that dumping large amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere isn't warming the planet without having some serious form of brain damage where you can't put your shoes on because you're incapable of the basic logical reasoning required to do so.

Comment Re:Doesn't anyone pay as they go anymore? (Score 1) 364

You realize that colleges, just tuition, cost $12-15k a year now, right? They charge more for engineering programs, etc.

The average minimum wage job at 40 hours a week couldn't cover this. And I'm amazed you found a job that would give you that much overtime and that you didn't burn out during it or had time to do, I don't know, like three sections of calculus a week?

Sounds like you're just making stuff up.

Comment Re:The Homer (Score 1) 220

If you ask 200 people what kind of pizza they would want from Pizza Hut, you'd find some subset of people who want pizza from Pizza Hut.

It makes sense if they're not interested in what we want, but about the potential market for such a device. I think it's naive to assume that Razer (a company that manufacturers hardware with their own software) doesn't have a whole team of super smart people who use linux or couldn't do basic research on what they think the features they need to include are.

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