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Comment Re:Need more info - (Score 2) 172

Of course the entire point of Windows 10 was to make them able to generate income from something other than OS installs. Why else would it automatically replace your Windows 7 with itself?

One more demonstration that I appear to have done the right thing by installing 7 on my shiny new HP laptop four months ago.

Comment Re:Ahem (Score 1) 348

I just started working on a job in Vivado, which is Xilinx's new development environment for their latest multi-thousand dollar FPGAs. The supplied editor does not know what VHDL is. I use Emacs to edit my source code, because it has a VHDL template processor. If only the people developing the latest IDEs had any idea what their customers actually did or a living...

Comment Re:Tips for a pirate radio operator... (Score 2) 157

I actually built and ran a pirate radio station in Tucson 15-20 years ago, Radio Limbo 103.3. I agree with your tip, but I took it a step further. The transmitter was a 1 watt unit that we hiked way up into the mountains north of town, giving it a 3000 foot elevation advantage. We transmitted through a Yagi made from a modified FM receiving antenna. The uplink was on UHF, and the rig was solar powered. It covered most of the city (about a 10 mile radius in the preferred direction) reasonably well.

The other thing we did, which really made the station great, was to get about a hundred DJs to volunteer for 1 or 2 hour slots, to make the programming interesting.

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