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Comment It's illegal (Score 5, Informative) 487

This sounds like a great idea! A couple years ago I tried to get some people interested in building a community network based on some of the concepts from the Wellington Internet eXchange. Nobody wanted to touch it.

As soon as the people try to flex their muscle, they are immediately shouted down by the corporations. The laws in the USA have become structured such that corporations have all the power and the people have none. Just ask the citizens of Philadelphia, PA or Wilson, NC.

Both of these cities, acting as agents of their citizens, were attacked by the corporations. In the case of Philly, they got squashed. Wilson's system is still alive, but not for the lack of effort on Time Warner's part. At one point TW had someone answering the phone for one of the congressmen the night before a vote. It was only thanks to the dedication of a small group of citizens, many of whom had to take off work to attend the oddly scheduled committee meetings, that the system is still online. We know that at any point TW will try again to scuttle it.

Comment Re:Programming in general, is a lost art for Linux (Score 1) 815

Ya know, you had me... right up until "the end user, need to die." In the end it is ALL about the user, without whom all you have is SkyNet, or the MCP. Do you want to write code for your machine overlord, or for a fellow human being?

Ultimately that end user wants his/her computer to _just work_, which would happen if the tenets you laid out in your diatribe were followed. I find it strange that you would contradict yourself so vehemently right at the very end.

I think I know what you're actually trying to say here, but it would be foolhardy for me to infer that you contradicted yourself _again_ by being an elitist (self-righteous) BOFH who is better than the "end user".

Comment Re:AT&T's UVerse also excludes their own conte (Score 4, Interesting) 162

The cable companies do their throttling at the cable modem. It turns out this cap can be bypassed. There were some guys back in my hometown that got caught doing just this. The cable company threw the book at them.

It would make more technical sense to do this at the headend, since they could keep the control closer to them. It would also allow customers who wanted to exchange data locally to do so at the full loop speed without chewing through upstream bandwidth. Instead, I'm stuck talking to my neighbor two apartment buildings away at 384kbit/sec. Obviously what makes the most technical sense does not necessarily mesh with what makes the most business sense.


Submission + - Ohio Linuxfest 2007 Schedule Announced (ohiolinux.org)

Damin writes: "The conference schedule for the Ohio Linuxfest 2007 (Saturday, September 29th, Columbus Ohio) has been posted and it contains a suprisingly diverse mix of topics. In it's Fifth year, the conference has been growing steadily and remains free to the public. The list of speakes is quite impressive; Max Spevack, leader of the Fedora Project, kicks off the conference with a presentation on "How Red Hat Continues Learning to Stop Worrying and Love the Community" and Bradley Kuhn former Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation will close out the conference with an evening keynote. Always worth seeing, Jon 'maddog' Hall of Linux International will be on hand as well as Warren Woodford, the founder of MEPIS. Ubuntu, Debian, OpenOffice.Org, Zenoss, PostgreSQL will all be represented.

In addition to the regular fare, there are a few really interesting presentations such as "FOSS and How Developers Pay the Bills", "Are Developers Responsible for Ensuring Users Can Use Their Programs" and this one on using Open Source tools to manage baseball stastistics. Google is apparently planning one hell of an after party. It is hard to argue with the value provided for the cost($0) of this conference. While free and open to anyone, registration is required, and with over 2,000 people expected this year things should be quite hopping!"


Submission + - Duke Fellow on GPLv3 and the SoftwarePatent Menace (ibiblio.org)

andy_from_nc writes: "Recently the Triange Linux Users' Group (which meets at the Raleigh, NC Red Hat HQ on NCSU campus) hosted Sapna Kuma speaking on GPLv3 and more particularly about the Microsoft Patent menace. The videos are now up on iBiblio in both MP4 and OGM (OGG for video). I've also posted links to torrents and will update with mirrors on here.

The talk raised some important issues and raises a call to action for the entire "FLOSS" community on battling the Microsoft menace of patents. The video is okay (the other camera failed) and the audio is decent with captions of the key questions."

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