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Comment There is water on Mercury! (Score 1) 348

Mercury lacks water, which is the foremost thing you need, just for oxygen and propellants. Some of the Jovian and Saturnian moons are great, but they are so far away that getting there takes years, also solar power out there is sparse and radiation thick enough to kill you within hours. They are ignored for now with good reason.

It's time to add Mercury to the list of worlds where you can go ice-skating. Confirming decades of suspicion, a NASA spacecraft has spotted vast deposits of water ice on the planet closest to the sun.

Comment Re:Certificate to Field (Score 2) 49


Since about 2004, I've at least 4 times searched for PostgreSQL vs MySQL. Each time PostgreSQL came ahead in most areas, including referential integrity, fewer gotcha's in the use of NOT NULL and other SQL features.

I've worked with both, and find PostgreSQL easier to setup, manage, and to query.

Have a look at:
MySQL vs PostgreSQL - Why you shouldn't use MySQL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Best to think about what is important in YOUR project given YOUR situation, and do YOUR own search. Note that the pros & cons forever change!

What is applicable in one situation, may not apply to another. However, I would expect PostgreSQL to be the better choice in most situations.

Comment Re:The older I get the more it kills me (Score 1) 144

I'm 63 and I don't feel that unwell nor have joint pains if I get less than 4 hours sleep, except for feeling groggy and having aching eyes the first few minutes after waking in the morning. Though I endeavour to get at least 6 hours a night. Now I try to get to sleep not much after 10pm, but I'm normally up & dressed by 7am most mornings regardless.

There is enough research on humans, to suggest that adequate sleep is important for mental health for me to take it seriously. Similarly, for adequate exercise - I aim to get at least 1 hours fast walking every day on average, preferably up to 2 hours.

If I a really pushing myself to learn new stuff or doing a lot of programming that is technically challenging or particularly frustrating, then I get tired earlier.

In my early 40's I took over maintenance of a program generator which created another program that created SQL, written in a 4GL (PROGRESS 6, from memory). It was the most intense sustained mental effort I ever had in my career. I needed 2 extra hours of sleep most nights!

However, different people get affected differently.

Comment Re:Yeah, No (Score 1) 54

No, Sinclair BASIC was horrendous!

Acorn with the BBC Micro and descendants (such as the Acorn Archimedes) were far superior in terms of programming both at the BASIC & Assembly level.

Acorn BASIC had named subroutines with parameters, looping constructs, and IF ELSE statements. There was never any need to resort to GOTO's and GOSUB's! Also you had well defined ways to invoking Operating System functionality without resorting to the equivalent of PEEK's and POKE's - to the extent that most programs could be transferred from the 8 bit 6502 based machines to the 32 bit ARM based machines without changes other than slowing them down (as the latter were far faster).

Note that Acorn developed the ARM family of processors which are now the most widely used processor, and used in most modern smart mobile phones.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong (Score 1) 216

Picture London, 1901, a prestigious Gentleman's Club...

An Australian nephew of a British Army Officer arrives in London, and asks his Uncle who discovered Great Britain. His uncle after some discussion, suggests he asks the most senior member, a retired General. The General, is sitting smoking a cigar, sipping his claret, and reading the Times. After the young Australian asks the question, the General explodes saying "Confound it sir!" - the young man beats a hasty retreat.

Now you know who discovered Great Britain, someone called 'Con'.

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