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Comment Re:Can someone explain this theft? (Score 1) 232

Here's a car analogy. Let's say someone owns a car. Now this person lets you store all your money in that car and gives you the opportunity to buy something digital that represents that money. The prices on this digital currency fluctuates, so you want to keep the money in the car so when the price is low you buy it, and when it's high you sell it. The care is always loaded with money. Well what happened here is the owner of the car drove off with the car and hid it, but said it got stolen.

Comment Re:Is MtGox Bitcoin? (Score 1) 232

Here's a prediction for you. As long as bitcoin transactions remain anonymous, one of the key selling points of bitcoin, people will continue to abuse this and steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting users claiming "technical problems" and "hackers". 700,000 + bitcoins went missing, with a value of $350 million right now, after the huge drop. That's a lot of temptation. If this is allowed to keep happening the value of bitcoin will drop until they are worthless again.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 627

It didn't take long to see someone write about clunking out code in notepad. So the best way to learn is to get overly frustrated on things that don't really matter, like what casing a developer decided to use when making his classes, instead of focusing on the actual aspects of programming like algorithm development and code syntax.

Comment Re:Live in a cave (Score 5, Interesting) 664

I had my car suddenly accelerate on me before. I was driving along and suddenly the pedal felt really strange and it start accelerating, even when I took my foot off the pedal. I turned off the car and pulled over. Turns out the rubber mat I put in to protect the inside of my car from wet/snow had somehow managed to flop on top of the pedal and pushed it down. When I heard about these Toyotas accelerating on their own, it's the first thing I thought of.

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