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Journal Journal: OSDN TV 2

I want to know who would be willing to assist in creating a quickie web version of this idea (original proposal/discussion thread), so, here's my first real journal entry open for all to comment (not that I've subscribed, mind you).

Here's a cleanup of my original, hurriedly scratched proposal.
  1. Slashdot
    • Concept: The geekiest news for the geekiest audience
    • Sources: Primarily Slashdot, but since news can take a week to hit it, other sources, like, Space.Com or NewScientist, would be great means of scoop-age.
    • Airings: Once every twelve hours, for sure, and, I'm think, on the hour would be good, too.
  2. Fresh Release
    • Concept: See the latest in OpenSource, plusse, a special place for themes and user submitted pretty pictures.
    • Sources: The description says what the title doesn't, FreshMeat ][, SourceForge & Savannah, and maybe DistroWatch with a lone feature/review? (props to b00m3rang for filling in the OSDN sub' I was missing)
    • Airings: One would have to do it everyday, or have a four hour show every week.
  3. HockGeek
    • Concept: Home Shopping Hour for people with money and brains to spare.
    • Sources: Clearly, a ThinkGeek inspired idea, but they certainly don't have exclusive rights to all things cool!
    • Airings: Based on the old TechTV, the current Cartoon Network and Comedy Central, plusse several local stations, this should be on every week night between 3am-5am.
  4. Open Magazine
    • Concept: A news-mag show that would cover a number of interest to those in the world of OpenSource.
    • Sources: It's just one of dozens of great, OpenSource- centric magazines that could be modified to become a really good show.
    • Airings: Once a week, like, "20/20," or twice a week, like, "60 Minutes," or once a day, like, "Dateline."
  5. OpenBench
    • Concept: Test and Benchmark products LIVE; couple this with a net cast of the lengthy setup process.
    • Sources: Addresses I don't have right now, but I'm think along the lines of Open Benchmark (or is it Bench?) and some of the stuff coming out of the dev labs. And, how often do we read some slightly unbalanced study for "this card vs. that card," "this chip vs. that chip," "this server setup vs. that server setup," "this OS vs. that OS?"
    • Airings: I think an hour-long show once a week will have a never ending stream of things to do.
  6. The Linux Show
    • Concept: A discussion on the big cult OS destined to make a go for the heart (and wallet) of Redmond.
    • Sources: Hmm, where have I heard about something like this? Oh, yeah, of course, The Linux Show. (props to Adolf_Hitler for that spark of genius) (NB: only time you will ever get to see me ever say anything remotely like that)
    • Airings: Currently, it runs once a week, but if there was money involved....
  7. Security Watch
    • Concept: Keeping administrators, and plain users uptodate regarding the latest security issues.
    • Sources: I have neither names or addresses, but I'm pretty D*ed sure there's a site of the same name, doing the same thing.
    • Airings: It doesn't matter what OS you're on, patches and replacements come out all the time....
  8. Gamers' Dungeon
    • Concept: Reviews, tricks and fun to watch clips of the latest and greatest, plusse interviews with developers and community managers. Who knows, maybe even the occasional tribute to the classics!
    • Sources: There dozens of these types of shows, so, we should have one, too. Of course...that's how RealityTV took over the airwaves. Of course, with TechTV gone, there are now only a half dozen, and only, maybe, two that are freely available.
    • Airings: Personally, based on my watching of releases, I think once a week is enough, but all those events in *Online might require hourly reporting, oh, I guess /. could handle that ;o)
  9. Synthetic Magic
    • Concept: A series that takes a look at how technology accomplishes various feats, this would, naturally, require a look behind the scenes of several popular movies.
    • Sources: More advanced than "Invent This!" and and covering more than this week's "Behind the Scenes*" type series, as I, and I hope I'm not alone, love reading, listening to, or watching specials and interviews with people who are discussing movies made decades ago. You just can't beat a good working-with-a-cloud-tank recording with anything.
    • Airings: Once a week seems like it would be sufficient, unless we covered a much wider variety of things.
  10. DevTraffick
    • Concept: An informative update on the latest developments in the various OpenSource projects.
    • Sources: FootNotes, Gnome Summaries, the AWN.... I apologise to everyone else, but I just don't keep track of many other projects, but they would definitely be included here!
    • Airings: Depending on how brief or in depth the summaries will be, it could be daily or just weekly.
  11. Hardware Hacking
    • Concept: A show dedicated to all types of hardware hacking
    • Sources: Where can't you find a source? AnandTech, ASELabs and I really don't know, but there are a solid dozen places that do this regularly.
    • Airings: F* yeah, Daily! It was the best part of "The Screen Savers" if you ask me! Have Hacker's Block? Case Mods.
  12. TrendWare
    • Concept: As Asok said to Dilbert in "The Power of Todd," "Everything you owned this morning is now obsolete." This is a show for the niftiest, hottest, most chic gear currently out there. Needless to say, Apple Fans will love this show!
    • Sources: Don't think of it as "Fresh Gear;" think of it as "Freshest Gear"
    • Airings: Not too much hardware comes out these days, except just in time for conventions, so, I'm going to say, "Weekly."
  13. Interview with Geek
    • Concept: An opportunity to open up a dialogue with those special folks who are developing communities all of the time.
    • Sources: The biggest source for this idea, as many may recognise, is more like "Big Thinkers," and less like the whooping 10 minute interview with Linus Torvalds on "The Screen Savers."
    • Airings: Once a week, or else we may end up repeating ourselves often!
  14. A Look Beyond
    • Concept: A chance to view future and futuristic technologies while they're still relatively early in their development.
    • Sources: Yes, this a "Tomorrow's World" knock-off, but with future technologies. Nothing as embarrassing as interviewing the first "test tube baby," while suggesting the technique isn't mainstream or available to the general public, yet!
    • Airings: Unless one thing is focused on in each edition, weekly, but if there is this preferable concept of "explore on idea, fully," we could make a daily show out of it.
  15. Your Thoughts Here
    • Concept: What is it?
    • Sources: What's like it?
    • Airings: How often could it air?

These are just the ideas I've been kicking around. Feedback on these are definitely appreciated.

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