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Comment A Kernel with No System (Score 1) 111

Why wouldn't Stallman, who kept software as the open, available and academic exercise that is modeled on the principles of Science not get any recognition at the same time as Linus? Are you all on Minix/Linux or BSD/Linux? Is there some punch-bowl turd not using Linux on anything that wants to chime in knowing that portion of the comment wasn't directed at them?

And, of course...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Comment Half-Assed Trolling (Score 1) 1007

You forgot they're Hardworking American Christian Values that the Leftist Elitist Radical Liberal Extremists that incompatible with the 100% Christian Founding Fathers defined to NOT be overturned by Activist Judges attempting to destroy the Constitution the Greatest Nation God Ever Created.

Troll Right, Asshole.

Comment Insightful, really? (Score 1) 152

The description suggests a risk of prior art being easy (I'll bet a number of slashdotters have automated lawn mowers and even more have vacuums). However, the patent trolling RIM got a few years back shows you don't have to DO anything to file a patent on an idea, just get there first. People who couldn't even afford to SeaLaunch a satellite described wireless communication devices that people might use for email exchange and ten years later, someone they sold it to, who had then been bought by another company, well, that 'nother company said, "Hey, we own blackberry. I bet we can extort some cash."

Comment Giving Half a Shit to Charity (Score 1) 50

But marking it as a whole one for taxes...and maybe karma.

One could point out the intention may lie in the semantics of standard vs default. I'm just throwing in a, "One could." I don't own up to nothin'. My computer came with an operating system as part of the standard package, but I didn't like the default one they offered and replaced it with three Debian variants and an experiment with Gentoo (second version of stage 3 live CD was actually very impressive compared to the Ubuntu live CD of the same year).

Now, quick, before the fifteenth, how much is a shit worth?

Comment Nomad Building (Score 1) 244

With all the resources that only a civilisation like Magrathea might have, we could build our own Rama cylinder! w00t!

Step One: Find a big chunk of floating planet.
Step Two: Reconfigure the resources
Step Three: ???
Step Four: Profit
Step Five: Let your next generation prodigy meet the humans who got to whichever star or another in two weeks.
Step Six: What? You're probably dead now anyhow. Great time to be a joke.
Step Seven: This step intentionally left blank.

Comment Stoners to the Rescue! (Score 3, Interesting) 348

You know what's high efficiency, has long term cost benefits and is environmentally friendly?
Sulfur Lamps!

Best use, however, is piping the light, as installing them into a room comes with many annoyances, like communication interference and microwave ballast placement. However, I must admit, they have some great uses, and currently, nothing beats them for central lighting...they glow a Fusor Test-fire purple when they first get started; how awesome is that?

Comment Holy Junk! (Score 3, Interesting) 33

That summary ignores we already have that!

It only sounds interesting if you A) Don't know that we've had that capability since NORAD tracked Sputnik with similar projects done by every major space administration on Earth, or B) Didn't bother reading the infrastructure proposed.

And now, the troll that has a joke for, "Holy Junk!"

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