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Comment Re:Would aliens be able to comprehend MPEG2? (Score 1) 334

I think that'd be a trivial problem. The bigger problem is that, even if you were able to beam the exact light and sound from the original events recorded on video, they wouldn't know what to make of it. Funny looking organisms making strange sounds. They could probably tell that we were organic life, and intelligent life, and maybe some simple things (like cars = transport), but not much beyond that without serious brain racking.

Comment Re:"All traces of George W. Bush disappeared" (Score 5, Insightful) 398

You're seriously comparing the CDA and the DMCA to the likes of the Iraq War, badly handling Katrina, and staffing every position with hacks and cronies? Repubs are demonstrably worse for our country.

I don't buy this "Oh, they're all bad, Dems are just as bad" meme. It's just not factually true.

Comment Re:Your freedom stops when you hit my nose (Score 1) 528

Whether you believe animal testing is right or wrong, that is not the way to go about protesting it.

Says who? If you believe in something strong enough, why rule out certain kinds of actions? Look at any violent independent movement in history. I'm sure the oppressors involved said the same kind of thing, "that's not the way to protest us."

Comment Re:The problem isn't rampaging deletionists (Score 1) 439

So what you end up with is what we have: patches of admin and users on each side defending their own little piece of ideological turf and leading to a heinously uneven project that ranges from brilliant to utterly useless.

If you think about it, that actually describes every area of human endeavor that has a large number of people involved in it... software projects, governments, you name it. Fact is, humans simply aren't evolved to work in very large groups. We evolved in small tribes, and we don't have the mental machinery needed to work effectively in very large groups. Look at financial meltdowns, wars, etc. Things breakdown as soon as your group gets too big.

Comment So long, Monster (Score 1) 200

Combined with the fact that they recently switched to a horrible new UI, this made me login to remove my personal details, change my password, and remove my resume. Most people are using craigslist these days anyway. It's cheaper for employers to post jobs there, and it's a better run site in general (clean UI, good security, etc.). I also left my Yahoo resume up, because that site's not too bad, and I know I get a few hits off it.

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