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LHC Shut Down By Transformer Malfunction 293

Ortega-Starfire writes "A 30-ton transformer in the Large Hadron Collider malfunctioned, requiring complete replacement on the day the LHC came online. No one at CERN reported any problems, and they only released this data once the Associated Press sent people to investigate rumors of problems. I guess it's hard to just sweep a 30-ton transformer breaking under the rug."
The Almighty Buck

Trading the Markets With FOSS Software? 417

Robert writes "Along with many other techies, I share an interest in the world of finance (bubble-era stock options pulled me in). Unfortunately, as someone with a strong preference for GNU/Linux as my operating system of choice, I have found that software in this area seems quite sparse. For awhile I have made do with Python, R, Gnumeric, Gnucash and a telephone, along with some small utilities I have written myself. What I would like to know is: what FOSS software do you use for financial analysis, trading, system development, and testing in a Un*x environment? Are there programs you would like to see written or ported? Do any brokerages, data providers, or other services provide good support for we the few? And finally, what commercial entities do you know of that are using FOSS software in their operation?"

Submission + - Leopard is the New Vista 4

ninja_assault_kitten writes: Interesting rant from Oliver Rist of PC Magazine. He compares the catastrophy that is Vista to the recently released OSX Leopard. While clearly one is a lion and the other a cub, is does appear to be an apples to apples comparison and it's qutie sad. From the article, "...the fact that so many of the semi-important changes don't work, the fact that Apple turned a stable OS into a crash-happy glitz fest, or that the annoying, scruffy Live Free or Die Hard actor infecting my TV (and our Web site, by the way) is pretending that Leopard is better than Vista". Worth a quick read.
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Village Lanterne Music Video by Blackmore's Night (

An anonymous reader writes: Many of you may know Richie Blackmore as the iconic guitarist in Deep Purple and then later as the founding member of Rainbow but perhaps you've never heard of Blackmore's Night. This is their latest music video to spread some Renaissance style holiday cheer.

Submission + - GlobWarming AlaskanIsland-Kivalina-is LosingGround (

Tech.Luver writes: "As global warming erodes their world, the residents of Kivalina battle the elements — and now one another. Beneath a moonlit Arctic sky, Joe Swan Jr. and most of his 12-person crew were taking a cigarette break when a dump truck arrived and emptied another load of black sand at their feet. The backhoe driver, who happened to be his wife, gunned the engine, spewing a diesel haze into the air as she dug into the pile and filled another 2,500-pound sandbag for the sea wall shielding the island from the Chukchi Sea. The crew has been repairing the $3-million wall almost since the day it was completed in October 2006. They bring more sand. The ocean takes it away. Kivalina is disappearing, the victim of a warming world and a steady natural erosion that probably began long before the Eskimos settled here 100 years ago. ( )"

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