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Comment Re:A very good more basic question (Score 1) 720

I've calculated what kind of taxation it would take to provide UBI to the same amount as current federal minimum wage - $30,160 per household - to all adults in the USA, assuming the existing income distribution. If we're talking about a flat tax, with the UBI part of the income not taxed (which translates to an effective progressive tax on total income including UBI), we'd be talking about a 55% tax rate on non-UBI portion.

The effective total rate would range from 0% at the very bottom to 48% for people earning $200k, with a linear increase in between (my model assumes that there's no incomes above $200k, because I didn't find readily accessible information on income distribution above that number). All people getting ~$50k or less would receive more from the system than they'd be paying into it. Those earning $75k would see ~$12k of that taken by the system.

Comment Re:Trump seems to think Executive Orders... (Score 1) 952

The courts can only say that something is illegal. But it's up to the executive to actually stop doing the thing that is illegal.

What happens if it doesn't?

Normally, courts enforce their orders via the court marshals. But marshals are mostly intended to deal with individuals, they certainly can't take on the federal government.

Comment Re:Ban temporary lifted for the wrong reasons (Score 1) 476

People are not things. You don't "steal" them, unless we're talking kidnapping. You give them an opportunity to come, and they decide for themselves whether they want to come or not. The way you put it, it sounds like you want them to be slaves to their countries of birth, destined to work for the benefit of the society and the people that they may well hate.

Comment Re:Umm... just WMVs? (Score 1) 150

NextThingCo CHIP would be great for something like that. It's literally pocket sized, has built-in WiFi, and two interfaces at that - so one can connect to the external network, while the other one serves as an API, with the device serving as a bridge/firewall between the two. And it costs $10 (although you need to bring your own battery).

You'd have to set this all up yourself, though.

Comment Re: Indeed! (Score 1) 333

For what it's worth, the first concentration camp in Germany (Dachau) was established on March 22, 1933. Hitler was appointed chancellor on January 30, 1933. So, it took less than 2 months. Granted, it wasn't an extermination camp then, and was used at first for political prisoners (and publicly advertised as such - they weren't really trying to sugar-coat it).

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