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Comment Re:Obstruction? (Score 1) 203

Had you read more than the first thirteen words on the Wikipedia article, you would have learned that body armor of that type is used almost exclusively by the military. Last I checked, small-town SWAT doesn't normally go out with $1500 in body armor plates.

And one more thing -- let this be a lesson why your research sources should not be limited to the Wonkypedia alone...

Comment Re:Obstruction? (Score 4, Informative) 203

Correction -- XM193 denotes a QC rejected M193 round, which is a 55 grain 5.56mm FMJ ball round. It is no longer issued in the majority of brnaches/units The most common 5.56 round now is the M855 green tip -- 62 grain FMJ round with a steel core. Now sounds like M855A1 is the next large scale (minor gain) switch.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 309

If people outside of the USA think that allowing people to make their own decisions regarding their personal safety is stupid then it must be! Oh wait -- are those the same people who banned their citizens from carrying pocket knives? Clearly the dude in question is not playing with a full deck, but you are making some dangerous and misinformed generalizations. On the subject of the 'French giving us the country' horseshit, seems like your attitude towards the US is, shall we say, close-minded?

Comment A little know fact (Score 1) 213

It surprised me that no one mentioned this before -- ever before the merger, both AT&T and BellSouth residential DSL connections blocked access to any SMTP ports other than their own. At least that's the case in Georgia and Ohio. Since I have 3 email accounts from other providers, I could not use their SMTP servers to send mail. Calling BellSouth was hilarious: their answer basically boiled down to "Well, sir, that's easy -- all you have to do is to upgrade to a Business DSL plan!". After escalating this through tech support managers to (useless) customer service reps, and at one point being told angrily that I should just accept it and that that's the way BellSouth protects *me* from spam, I canceled my BellSouth service and went elsewhere.

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