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Comment Re:Learn jQuery (Score 3, Insightful) 126

I agree, but there is a balance you should achieve. When I first learned jQuery and realized how easy it was to do a lot of things, I went crazy with it. Nowadays I've realized most of what I was using jQuery for, was better done using minimal jQuery (or none at all) and more CSS. Yes, it would be possible to use plain old javascript, but it's easier to write, AND READ jQuery than it would be to script all browser-specific perks of javascript. At the end of the day, use it, but don't abuse it. It's cached on all client browsers anyway and processing overhead and minimal, might as well use it and save yourself a headache or two.

Comment Re:Hard to take sides (Score 1) 355

1. The professor is incompetent, and incapable of classroom management. 2. Every single student failed to learn the material due to their own fault.

Except that average IQ drops quickly when in a large group. Sadly, if there are 3-4 real troublemakers in the group and enough "indifferent" students, it's probably enough to make at least 75% of them behave like retards, and that makes it a heck of a lot harder for the other 25% to actually do the learning. So it's very possible that in such an environment, no student was able to learn the material, due to the behavior of the group as a whole.

Comment Re:Instead... (Score 1) 356

To be clear, to pass the "mobile-friendly" Google test, you DO NOT need a separate mobile version of your site. There are guidelines or what sites should do to be considered mobile-friendly such as size or proximity of links, no fixed-pixel-width interface, etc. This all makes sense in a mobile-friendly world that all web sites should abide by these principles, whether it chooses to serve different content to mobile and desktop, or they just make sure their regular website respects these accessibility guidelines.

Comment Re:Bullshit Stats. (Score 1) 496

When you look at the overall without understanding it at looks like we live in a sexist society because women choose more emotionally rewarding careers than financially rewarding.

Because... traditionally there is more social pressure on the husband to bring the money home. Perhaps this could play a small role in the equation, no?

Comment Re:Unifi (Score 4, Informative) 172

+1 for Ubiquiti Unifi. I run the controller on my Macbook, the APs are spread across several locations and some locations have several. Roaming is seemless, quality and features are impressive and they are dirt cheap. 3 packs are 250$, that comes to about 85$ / AP. The controller is included and there is no license to pay or recurring fees.

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