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Comment Re:I must agree (Score 2) 458

Considering Linux is over 2 decades old, one has to wonder why the installer is re-written every other year. Slackware seems to have been the only distribution to get this stuff right. If it ain't broke, don't fucking fix it!

Fair point. It seems to change in quite a major way between releases, so long time users have to relearn it each time. For me the worst section was partitioning. No 'erase disk', just 'reclaim space'? And that was pretty well hidden. Anaconda then crashed multiple times while I was figuring it out. Not a good option. Perhaps since they were late, they rushed it to get it out of the door (not unheard of in commercial sw) I'm unsure where Fedora is going. Are they trying to tempt more Windows users with a good install, less options for the less aware? If so then they may well put off the more established user.

Comment Re:Publishers provide this information (Score 1) 325

O'Reilly use a variant of the docbook XML schema. If you write in docbook XML, they can take that and publish it directly, least cost, least editorial errors. Provides all the functionality you mention, many media output formats. Pick an editor you like (emacs does it for me) and you can keep it valid and process it yourself. Works like a charm.

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