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Comment Re:Hard Drive Bracket (Score 1) 258

We took over another company, closed their left coast data center, and shipped their systems to our site. We didn't have to buy any new gear for quite a while due to the influx of their gear.

At some point, their stuff started breaking down due to age. Rather than replacing an odd-ball hard drive in one of the DNS servers, I scrounged another hard drive and, lacking a proper mounting kit, cut a piece of cardboard to size (to prevent a possible short), and laid the drive on the cardboard, which in turn sat on a metal shelf inside the unit. It ran for years w/o problems.

When I gave tours of the raised floor, I always pointed out how we could squeeze a dime and give eight cents change! :)

Comment off chance (Score 4, Interesting) 267

I have been a huge supporter of Linux since I brought up my first Linux box in September of 1996. I sneaked Linux onto the raised floor of a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company in about 1998. By the time I left that job, RHEL was the preferred O.S. with well over 200 (virtual + physical) systems in use.

On the off chance that someone in a position of authority over Linux development reads this, you people are cutting your own throats with lunacy such as systemd and networkmanager.

Like the original poster, I am starting to look for alternatives to Linux.

Comment SDS/XDS Fortran IV compiler authors (Score 1) 285

Several of us were talking recently about the SDS/XDS Fortran IV compiler. If my memory is correct, Steve Hartman (not sure of the spelling) and Buzz O'Gard (not sure of this spelling either) were the authors. I would definitely nominate them as the best programmers, along with whoever wrote the MetaSymbol assembler.

In addition to a number of amazing features, Fortran IV had the first Easter egg I ever saw, a funny compiler message that came out if you used a GO TO JAIL statement.

Comment Re:So who is behind this? (Score 1) 112

... on my local cable system, The Weather Channel has been replaced by the lamer WeatherNation...

There's something lamer than the Weather Channel? Hard to imagine. It was ok (exception noted below) before they tried to be the next Today show, now it's approaching worthless. I don't want endless moronic, idle chitchat, I want the weather.

Exception: whoever thought it was a good idea for the Wx Channel to broadcast all the idiotic reality crap needs to go back to the janitorial crew.

Comment a bit of history (Score 1) 179

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