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Submission + - SPAM: POLL: Would you commit voting fraud for the Greater Good?

mi writes: If a truly detestable person seemed likely to win, would you consider voting fraud?
  • Yes, I would — she is a crook and a liar and can not be allowed to win!
  • Yes, I would — he is a Fascist, a sexist, and a racist and can not be allowed to win!
  • No, I would not — vote-integrity is what separates us from savages and authoritarian regimes.
  • No, I would not — but only for fear of getting caught.
  • CowboyNeal already hacked the electronic voting system ensuring my candidate's victory.

Hackers Remotely Cut a Corvette's Brakes 161

An anonymous reader writes: Security researchers presented work at the USENIX conference today showing an easy way to hack into a car's electronics using a small gadget that plugs into modern dashboards. The port they're taking advantage of is commonly used to monitor the location and speeds of these vehicles. Once the researchers' dongle is attached, they can use SMS messages to transmit commands to the car's internal network. They demonstrated this by remotely cutting a Corvette's brakes. "Though the researchers say their Corvette brake tricks only worked at low speeds due to limitations in the automated computer functions of the vehicle, they say they could have easily adapted their attack for practically any other modern vehicle and hijacked other critical components like locks, steering or transmission, too."

Comment He didn't prove any flaw (yet) (Score 4, Informative) 160

He believed an attack could be done via a DAB broadcast, but from the article, he doesn't seem to have tried on a real car.

That said, car companies do a lot of idiot stuff these days, like the trunk which opens automatically when you put your foot under the car and you are nearby. This is just a big gift for thieves, just wait for tourists with a car full of stuff to leave their car, stand in the vicinity and put your foot under the car when they leave but they are still near enough to allow the trunk to open...

Comment We, Gods of OpenSSL (Score 1) 69

We, Gods of OpenSSL are announcing that there will be a patch in 2 days. We will not tell you what it is as you could patch it yourself or use any of the forks that we dislike like LibreSSL. Surely we will not reveal what it is as bad people could use it (trust us, we tell you they cannot already). The only thing we will say is that it was introduced after 1.0.0,so we are sure you won't find out and that The Big Vendors who pay us will be able to deliver a patch when they are ready. And bad guys won't be able to annoy you because we know they are morons and won't find out...

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