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Comment Re:Ayn Rand, do you hear me? (Score 1) 290

That's brilliant! I wish I'd thought of such a pithy way to put it. I usually end up going on about keeping the full context in mind (something Ms. Rand went to some lengths to emphasize, but clearly not enough given how people interpret her work*), what goes around comes around, etc. * Not that she wasn't batshit crazy about some things. Ever read her essay about why a woman should not want to be President?

Comment Re:This is nonsense (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Bugs killed by violent crushing and bugs that die of starvation or age probably emit different chemicals. A few months back I read about how bees carry their dead out of the hive, and identify them by similar chemical markers. If the researcher dabbed a live bee with the chemical, its sisters would drag it "kicking and screaming" out of the hive and would not let it back in. :-)

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