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Comment Re:God's experiment in free will (Score 1) 1226

I figure if there hypothetically was a god (let's just assume Yahweh), then the current lack of absolute paradise is because He is trying to create a replacement and in old age actually WANTS to be ended. I figure this to be one world of many, His omnipotence's only flaw the inability to directly create a replacement. It makes more sense if you consider the plurality used in some phrases in the bible as evidence of more gods.

Comment Re:Meet the Internet (Score 1) 224

I'd rather die starving and lost, but free, in the wilderness, than be forced to live forever in a tiny box. If an industry requires government mandated restrictions in the peoples freedoms for the industry to survive, then it should die. If it cannot adapt, it should die. If "America" is no longer fertile for movies, etc, then people will get movies elsewhere, as you said. I used to "pirate" (read download) computer games from the pirate bay until I found Steam. It makes playing and getting games easy. It's _convenient_. If they cannot beat the price of free, then they must find another way, like convenience. If a zoo wants to keep an endangered species, fine, just so long as it's not allowed to run amok tearing people's faces off.

Comment Re:Big Brother? (Score 1) 628

Someone mod him or her up please, my mod points expired. I think the problem arises from people arbitrarily (and probably subconsciously) choosing between a nihilistic view and that of whatever other view there is (idk optimism? religion?). For some reason the word "right" (and its underlying concept) is a moving point. DOESCHROMEKILLANYONEELSESFORMATTING?ALSONEWPARAGRAPH. Honestly I say fuck the constitution, simply because I don't like people needing to quote a piece of paper to do what they want. Golden Rule + "Right" to do WHATEVER one pleases. So basically I can do WHATEVER I like, unless it directly and non-consentually hurts someone (indirectly as well, but victimless crimes are not crimes). DOESCHROMEKILLANYONEELSESFORMATTING?ALSONEWPARAGRAPH. Piss in the street? Sure just so long as I don't get it on anyone and sanitize the area afterwards. Fight to the death in a consentual duel? Sure, basically same rules as previous. Use some Ecstasy, Heroine, Crack, Ganja? Sure just so long as I don't try driving or something similar while influenced. etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Comment Re:You're looking in the wrong place (Score 1) 537

No, no, you didn't go far enough. Don't you know that every sperm is sacred and that any un-ejaculated sperm will die? So by not having sex, you're a murderer, by masturbating (through to finish) you're a murderer and even by having sex, all the sperm that don't become the zygote are murdered. All women that menstruate are murderers, because they didn't fertilize the egg. NPARA Wash your hands? Murdered the bacteria. Simply live? Cells wear down with time, use, etc; murdered. Kill yourself so as to not kill yourself? Murdered. Like hamburgers? Someone killed the cow. Like to eat various seeds? that's like eating babies. Like fruit? Sort of like eating a placenta. NPARA Life is a race to the top of the ever growing pile of the dead. NPARA Sex is for making babies, end of story. If you want (penis, vagina) sex, then either expect babies or make sure it's not going to happen, like get, a vasectomy, or your tubes tied. (I don't know the success rate of condoms, so not going there) NPARA If carrying the baby to term will kill you AND the baby then by all means kill it, if it will only kill one or the other then that's for the woman to decide. If it will become a healthy baby, and you just don't want it anymore, I consider it murder to do it, but by all means kill it. It's still in your body using your resources. Still murder, still wrong, but go ahead. HOWEVER if it is viable outside the womb, then either remove it or carry it to term. NPARA If someone sees something that needs clarification or if I've missed something let me know. Also yes, I know it was a joke, and I know were extremely off-topic. WHERE DID MY FORMATTING GO??? Is it chrome that is condensing all my paragraphs into one text-block-cluster-fuck? NPARA for my returns.

Australian Police Spying On Web, Phone Usage With No Warrants 78

New submitter i-reek writes "Australian police, along with government agencies, are accessing phone and internet account information, outward and inward call details, phone and internet access location data, and details of IP addresses visited of Australian citizens, all without judicial warrants . In the last two years, some states have shown an increase of more than 50 per cent in these surveillance authorizations, which can be granted by senior police officers and officials instead of a magistrate or judge."

Is the Government Scaring Web Businesses Out of the US? 271

suraj.sun sends this quote from an article at Techdirt: "The federal government has been paying lip service to the idea that it wants to encourage new businesses and startups in the U.S. And this is truly important to the economy, as studies have shown that almost all of the net job growth in this country is coming from internet startups. ... With the JotForm situation unfolding, where the U.S. government shut down an entire website with no notice or explanation, people are beginning to recognize that the U.S is not safe for internet startups. Lots of folks have been passing around [a] rather reasonable list of activities for U.S.-based websites."

Submission + - Canadian Digs Out Basement Using Only Radio Controlled Scale Tractors and Trucks (blogspot.com) 1

Phurge writes: Excavating a basement using professional machinery is nothing new but doing it with radio controlled (RC) scaled models is something unheard of. Welcome to the little big world of Joe, from Saskatchewan, Canada.

For the past 7 years (!), Joe has been digging out his basement at an average annual rate of 8 to 9 cubic feet using nothing more than RC tractors and trucks!

And we're talking about the whole nine yards here — he starts by transporting the excavator on an RC truck to the basement, unloads it, digs and uses other trucks to transfer the dirt up to the ground through a spiral ramp! He even has a miniature rock crusher!

"I feel quite fortunate to have stumbled onto this basement excavation idea, it's been a great past time to date dreaming up new ideas to tackle different projects along the way," Joe wrote on the Scale4x4rc forums where he also posted pictures and videos of his feat

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