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Comment Re:Absolutely no way (Score 2, Insightful) 276

It's not bullshit. Get over it. Interestingly, there are very few people who know of this issue, but knowledge is spreading.
There are tens of thousands of data centers in operation in the United States, and likely an order of magnitude above that worldwide.

In each, often hundreds (or even thousands) of computers are consolidated in one room.

You simply cannot convince me that this is a real problem that we need to worry about. Yes, OBVIOUSLY you don't start pouring out bags of metal filings into your ventilation system. We already KNEW that. But not buying anything made from zinc? No way. We'd have data centers shutting down all over the place, if as Rich Hill says, "Metal on floor panels and even in computer cases can secrete zinc crystals over time."

The state said, "The outages ... highlight why the state's various websites should be brought under one authority." Huh? What? The answer is that they needed some excuse, they found Data Clean, and they got it. I would bet top dollar that if an indepdendent team were brought in, an entirely unrelated cause would be found.

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