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Journal Journal: Under pressure

This week has more than made up for some of the slow, lazy weeks this summer. The rush of activity has caused my back to actually get worse. The unexpected call volume at work caused my back to become tense and my back can't relax. I need to get my student id today. I added laffer1 as a friend. Spouses take it rather personal if you don't add them as "friend" on slashdot.
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Journal Journal: I'm happy I'm not getting this job

I interviewed at an automotive parts company for their helpdesk. Company, good. Everything else, bad. Very bad.

2 hour commute for my current pay (until I get Pfired) and it's in South Bend, Indiana. So in other words, I'd have to buy fuel for my shitty car, get oil changes more frequently and somehow pray it survives the year contract in hopes of becoming an employee and then hope I can afford a new car.

And yes, grad school would pretty much be a pipe dream while working there.

So I rejoice in the fact it appears the job is not mine.

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Journal Journal: "Don't we have Cisco?"

An asshole customer called and requested that I ask the Exchange team to merge two different Exchange systems because he wants to see someone's fucking calendar data. He claimed that he is so fucking important. Honestly he didn't realize how stupid he sounded. Yeah, you're so fucking important sir, you had to call the helpdesk. If you're so important, then you would know the exchange team's direct line.

Well the best part was he told me we could merge the systems (2 different version of Exchange, different setups, etc...) because we both run Cisco equipment and Cisco connects everything.

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Journal Journal: Work, work...

I've decided that some of my co-workers are idiots. End of story.

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Journal Journal: "Meta-moderation"

For the last two days I've been looking over comments. One person wrote a very off the topic comment basically stating all moderators are extremists because one of his comments was modded "offtopic."

Sometimes I wonder about people.

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