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Submission + - Dennis Ritchie has passed on (

An anonymous reader writes: Dennis Ritchie just passed away. I can think of nothing to say that you don't already know about him, except that once he claimed he'd never been a member of the Demigodic party. He was, of course, quite wrong. I feel like a pillar of the world has just broken.

Submission + - Dennis Ritchie, 1941-2011 (

An anonymous reader writes: Computer scientist Dennis Ritchie is reported to have died at his home this past weekend, after a long battle against an unspecified illness. No further details are available at the time of this blog post. [...]
The news of Ritchie's death was first made public by way of Rob Pike's Google+.


Submission + - Dennis Ritchie, co-creator of Unix and C, has died ( 5

mikejuk writes: Dennis Ritchie the designer and original developer of both the C programming language, and co-creator of Unix has died at age 71 after prolonged illness.
It seems incredible from today's perspective that two people, motivated mainly by enthusiasm, should develop both an operating system and a programming language but that's exactly what Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thomson achieved.
Unix and the Unix way of doing things eventually transmuted into Linux and is now the server OS that powers industry and the Internet.
C on the other hand has been the basis for all of the C-like languages we all know and use every day — Java, C# and of course C++. Whenever you write a three-parameter for loop, for(init;test;inc), you owe a debt to C and should think of the fun that Dennis Ritchie had inventing it and making it all work.

Comment Re:complain (Score 1) 198

Actually, that's a rather frightningly creepy idea. Google is so much on top of gathering and processing data that by now, or quite possibly even years ago, they should be able to predict certain behaviour in it's users. I wonder how much of their motto "Don't be evil" will be left in the near future.

Sorry, gotta go, there are some nice gentlemen at the door who want to talk about my interests..

Comment Lomography, analogue (Score 1) 342

Indeed it should have checkboxes instead of radiobuttons.

I myself use a point-and-shoot, a DSLR, I _have_ a cam in my phone (though never use it), and recently I got me a Diana F+ analogue cam. The images I get from the Diana are different, but very nice in their own way.

I am somewhat surprised at how popular analogue photography has become again. At a music festival recently I've seen 2 Diana's, 3 analogue fish-eyes, a Lomo and a guy with two analogue slrs. Then again, nowadays it seems like they're handing out dslrs with every loaf of bread you buy, so maybe that sparkles the analogue revival too.

One wants to differ from the rest, stand out.. :)

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