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Comment Re:Ideas are a Dime a Dozen (Score 1) 140

This. I have a friend who had a great (he thought) idea and went to a bunch of different venture capitalists to try to raise funding. The first few he walked in with an NDA and asked them to sign- they told him to GTFO with your little NDA, nobody here cares. The only question they were interested in answering was whether he was the kind of individual who could execute on his idea.

Comment Re:Hand states (Score 1) 49

Leap Motion is cool. SoftKinetic is cooler. Kinect 1 uses structured light, or a grid of IR beams to calculate depth with parallax- SoftKinect actually uses photon time of flight (!!). Blows kinect out of the water for fidelity. Joint, fingers no problem in near mode. I have developed apps with both, and I can't for the life of me figure out why nobody has every heard of SoftKinetic. Not MS backed I guess.

Comment Re:very very stealthy (Score 2) 260

It's a mock up. Do you seriously think that early tech prototypes designed to showcase potential cockpits are made of production hardware and materials anywhere?

Some questions/thoughts that to me show it is a mock/fake/whatever:
1. Where are the rudder pedals? In the BBC video the pilot's legs were clearly bent with his knees pointing up in the air. That means his feet were pretty much flat on the cockpit floor and I didn't see rudder pedals there. Maybe the edge of one in the cockpit photo here.
2. Again back to the knees- with his knees up in the air like that his legs are clearly blocking access to the two front panels on the left and right. The pilot couldn't even SEE those panels. I dunno, but I'm guessing there's stuff a pilot might need there at some point.
3. A last thought on the knees. I'm not a doctor, but I think that to pull heavy G's that may not be the most optimal body position.
4. Finally, that thing is SMALL. Like, tiny. What is this aircraft for anyways? It sure can't carry any ordinance.
5. The vids of the thing flying? Looks, behaves and sounds a lot like this RC F-16

So I totally agree this thing is a mock up, or prototype, or fake or whatever. What make's them look like idiots is it appears they are trying to pass it off as the real deal, and certainly implying it is functional and 'defending Iran'.

Comment This is a ridiculous article (Score 1) 610

I don't really get articles like this. Just because win8 CAN be used on on touchscreen doesn't mean that will be the only way to interact with that device. Everyone loves to bash MS for their lack of foresight, how they are going to alienate all their customers, etc., etc. But they created an OS that was flexible enough to run on mobile devices in just that start menu mode (metro) or upgrade win7 for use in workstations or desktop pcs. Kinda cool I think. Have the bashers USED win8? Maybe, maybe not. I use it all day, every day. It appears to me to be a nice desktop upgrade to windows 7, nothing more. Why? Because I use it as a DESKTOP not a touch device. I never see the start screen unless I want to see it. This is the same start screen that guys like David Pogue claim will take over your computer. Gorilla Arm? Give me a break. Who uses touchscreens to develop code, write word documents or get business work done? Touchscreens are not desktop pc replacements. They are great for certain things, but they do NOT replace the workstation.

Comment Re:Have you told your current job yet? (Score 1) 4

Great comments. I like the idea of trying to make my current job more like the things I like about the new offer. They have expressed willingness to work with me to get into new areas, without jumping with both feet into a new position- they want to make sure that they are happy with where I am, and that I am happy with where I'm going. They have really been great with the working with me- so I feel like they would do what they could to make the job what I want it to be.

Paywise, it's actually more of a 15% increase, with options (it's a startup). So there could be a financial windfall. I haven't asked my company to match that because it feels a bit like blackmail to me.

I don't know what my backup plan would be though if I left for the new gig and didn't like it. It would be hard to go back, and I'm not sure that I would want to, without feeling like it was a step forward and not back. But I also don't know what else I would want to be doing... so I need to think on that one some more :)



Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Career Advice- how much is a fun job worth? 4

Nicros writes: So I have the good fortune to be a lead software engineer in a really fun company. The culture and people are great, and while the position has some down sides (distance from home, future opportunities), in general I'm quite happy there, and I wasn't looking for a new job. Software is what this company does, and people are happy to get their solutions.

Now to make life more interesting, I have the even better fortune to have an offer to go be a software director for a new company. This company sought me out personally because of my background, which is very flattering. The pay is more than 10% better, the location is closer to home, and the people seem nice. I would get to grow a new group as I saw fit, following some regulatory guidelines.

Problem is, I just can't decide what to do, and I'm not even sure WHY I can't decide.

Maybe it has to do with leaving a job that I like (something I've never done) that just doesn't sit well with me. Maybe it's fear. I'm 40, so maybe it's just getting older and appreciating stability more.

Maybe I feel like I'm just trying to climb some corporate ladder and chasing a title, and I don't like that. But then again, I have my current position dialed in, and could use a change.

I have ambition, and my current company has made every effort to work with me to develop my career- probably more in the business development side, but that could be fun too. That career path is just more vague and longer term than jumping right into a director position, with no guarantee that it would even work out.

In the new company, software is -not- what this company does primarily, not many people would use the software, so the appreciation level would be much lower than my current position.

This is keeping me awake at night. Has anyone made a transition like this in software? How did it work out? Did you stay or did you go? Why? What's more important, the people and culture at a job, or the opportunities that job presents for future growth?


Comment Maybe NDA's are more relevant in different fields? (Score 5, Interesting) 438

I worked with a friend a while back while he was trying to scare up funds from VCs for an idea he wanted to turn into a company. He went in with the expectation that they would sign his NDA. They told him GTFO with your little NDA. He soon discovered that from the perspective of the VC's an idea itself is generally of very little value- it is the ability to execute and bring something to market based on that idea that has real value. At least this is what they explained to him as he tried to explain to them about his valuable idea and dire need for an NDA.

The VC's were not interested in in his idea beyond the point of ensuring it was valid and had potential. They were really interested in whether HE could bring it to market. He didn't get the funds, so I guess not.

On the other hand though, I work for a software company where nobody will talk to us about the work they want us to do unless we sign an NDA. I can't speak for other companies, maybe it's just us. But for me, I kind of agree with the VC's. I have some good ideas too, but have I produced anything from them? Not yet! :)

Comment Really? (Score 1, Interesting) 284

For some reason I have a false sense of security now- if this is the kind of 'exploit' that gets reported and /.ed and that I need to worry about, life is good! I mean really- you have to have Win7 x64, with Safari AND then navigate to a site that serves up a bogus iframe height, AND uses the exploit to make bad on your machine. I can't imagine this affects too many people. Also, why is this a 'Windows Remote' exploit? Safari would seem to not handle the iframe exception, whereas IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera DO? If this were a true windows exploit I would expect it to occur regardless of the browser. And what other kind of exploit (as it's defined ITA) is there besides a remote one? A local exploit, where someone turns off my machine? I read 'remote' and think RDP... which is not the case here at all.

Comment What would it take to move to Windows? (Score 1) 1880

This is a weird question. Like we are all just hopelessly stuck on this crappy Windows system, and while we are secretly dying to move to another OS there are just some reasons we can't get past to do it. Huh? How about why aren't all the other OS users moving to Windows? What is it about the linux command line you love so much you just can't walk away? Or about MacOS that grips you so you cant move to Windows? Or the lack of gaming everywhere else, etc, etc. Just sayin' that's a more interesting question.

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