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Comment Frozen fingers, drunk status updates (Score 1) 140

Oh wow so when the weather is cold I won't be able to log in because of my cold stiff fingers that type at a fraction of the speed, possibly with increased mistakes because the up-down movement comes quicker than the left-right movement? What if I come home drunk and feel the need to post a social networking message that I'll read the next morning in horror? Wait, I guess that won't be a bad thing, increased mistake level will block me out. Winner!

Comment No more so than they currently are (Score 1) 95

Gamers and game developers are constantly pushing for more and better - better graphics, more realistic physics, better AI. All of which requires increasing amounts of memory and processing power. Running games within a web browser will impose unnecessary resource bottlenecks on the game and affect the gaming experience. Because of this I don't think web browsers will become any more of a gaming platform than they already are now. I do believe the market size for browser based games will increase but there will still be a market for large scale games with cutting edge graphics and technology that cannot be run from within a web browser.

Submission + - Boy in the Browser attack (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Imperva published a security advisory ( on the 14th of February about a new malware attack technique called "boy in the browser". When the malware is executed, for example through a browser exploit, the hosts file is modified to re-map certain domain names to point at malicious servers. Once this is done the malware removes itself from the system leaving behind no obvious traces such as strange files, processes or start-up items making the malware difficult to detect. The attack could result in a user unknowingly entering their details into fake websites and it has already been used to target several Latin American banks.

Some anti-malware applications, such as Spybot Search & Destroy provide an option to protect the hosts file however I don’t have this option available so I created a lightweight program to watch for changes to the hosts file and display a notification balloon when a change is detected. The program and C# source code have been released at"

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