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Comment Re: Julian's victim (Score 1) 306

In point of fact, he is hiding there because he is afraid that the "questioning" will lead to being extradited to the US to face charges for releasing all the info he has released, to the embarrassment of the US. The Swedish government\police have been invited to come to the embassy to question him but they refuse to do so. THAT seems more suspect to me than anything he has done.

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 2) 769

Snowden's data dump has been released piecemeal because Snowden and whats his name the journalist (Glen Greenwald?) knew that if all of it was released at once it would cause worldwide upheaval and the fall of multiple governments. They didn't want that blood on their hands.

Ask yourself: What has changed since Snowden released the data he had? Pretty much nothing (in the US.) The status quo has been maintained.

This is because the populace's outrage was kept to a manageable level by letting the data trickle out instead of dropping it like the bomb that it is.

Comment Re:read the polls (Score 0, Offtopic) 644

Define: "The most accurate polling analysis..." Just because you say so doesn't make it so. Keep in mind that the main stream media has been providing slanted poll results in abundance because those poll results meet their agenda. There have been polls that were published where out of 1000 people there were no independents polled, and the republicans were at a 35% representation. I can't understand how anyone would think this is a valid poll. Try asking 333 (or 3333, etc.) of each and see what the results are. My guess is that it will be a lot closer to a tie than what your MOST ACCURATE POLLING ANALYSIS website indicates. My point is that an analysis of polls is not going to give the answer to this when the polls are inherently slanted to begin with.

Comment Re:Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

Most sensible people do. Protesting is great. Its healthy. When you raise your hand against someone else simply because they believe and voice beliefs other than your own, you are a terrorist. Violence should only be used in response to other violence. If everyone lived by that creed then there would be no violence.

Comment Re: I'm sure Drump is all torn up over it (Score 1) 403

I'm beginning to understand the liberal mindset a little bit from this thread. They tend to take something logical and think it means the opposite of what it does. Being president, or running for such an office makes no difference at all. Racism is racism and Trump doesn't seem to demonstrate racism if you take his full comments and not just the un-contextualized version that the media repeates . He makes comments that the media skews to fit their agenda. His comment about the judge, in context, pertains to the judges membership in an extremist group that espouses views and actions that are opposite of those that trump has been very vocal about. In my view, the judge should have recused himself to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. Trumps commentary is about two things - justice and the appearance of the court being impartial. Both are very important and the judge's refusal to recuse himself undermines both.

Comment Re:I'm sure Drump is all torn up over it (Score 0) 403

Actually, he said the intelligent thing to say when you don't know about something. I don't know enough about programming robotics. I'm not going to sit here and blow sunshine up your ass when you ask me a question about it. I'm going to say, I don't know enough about it to answer your question intelligently. It could be that in this instance Trump didn't know who David Duke was and didn't want to say something that he was uninformed about. I mean, there is always a first time, right?

Comment you have things backwards (Score 3, Interesting) 192

"I doubt you've looked past your own selfishness and actually seen the big picture,"

but you also said: "Really? How many times are you going to spend years of your life creating something awesome ... only to have someone else like Facebook or Zynga copy it, market it, and put you out of business?"

Now, who is selfish? The person who wants information to be free or the person who wants to be the sole profiteer?

Comment Propaganda bullshit (Score 5, Interesting) 268

Hydraulic fracturing has been a method of drilling for oil for over 60 years. The only differences are that now they can turn the drill head from a vertical bore to a horizontal bore and the depth of the wells are much greater, too.

That said, the water they use for this process is not water only - it has chemicals in it that assist with the fracturing process. Its non-potable water and therefore must be cleansed before its returned to the land. Because of the cost of the chemicals, they reuse the same water over and over for more than one well.

This article \ series of articles is just propaganda put out by or influenced by saudi oil princes who are smart enough to co-opt environmentalists and conservationists to do their dirty work. Think about it. Who does the petroleum glut in the US harm the most? Oil producing nations, of course. And of course these oil producing nations want to stop that and get back to their profits any way that they can.

Comment Re:It's incredibly frustrating... (Score 2, Insightful) 535

I think the point, possibly to subtle for you to understand, is that the republicans and the democrats are basically the same in that they just want more power, more control, more money. They don't do anything for the benefit of their constituency unless they're empowered by doing so.

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