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Comment Re:arrogant bankers (Score 1) 292

^ THIS Worked for numerous banks around the world, and doesn't matter how good their security guys are, the users don't listen and leave holes wide enough to drive a truck through in the security. Add to that lots of the security guys are cowboys at work and out of work and if I was so inclined have enough dirt on them to create security concerns too.

Comment Re:Just kick him out. (Score 0) 338

This ^ x 1000 Stuffed around in HS and my marks weren't good enough to go to university. My parent's weren't badly off, so my dad said, you have 1 year more year, so I did A-Levels to try and get into a U.K varsity. However I stuffed around again, so that was it and had to start working. Worked at a Help-desk doing 12 hours shifts as my first job, then came home with my first paycheck and my dad promptly took it, saying thank you very much, here is your money after rent and your contribution to expenses. Wasn't a negotiation, it just was. Best thing my dad could of done for me.

Comment Re:And still no death penalty for rape (Score 0) 436

Sorry, but I find your position contemptible. QUALITY of life is what is important, not JUST life. I've gone through the harrowing experience of seeing loved ones die from cancer, and if I could I would of helped them when they asked me to end it. Yes I've had a few people, my own grandfather, a bloke who survived Nazi POW camps ask me and his daughter ( my mum) to kill him. A terrible life is FAR worse than no life. When you're dead there are 3 options depending on what you believe; Go to hell - That's because of something you've done to deserve going there. Nothing - absolutely final oblivion Go to Heaven, - live in paradise with no suffering what so ever. So you're saying nothing and nirvana are worse than living a life of pain and misery?

Comment Re:How is this gasping news (Score 0) 443

Late last year I bailed a mate out of jail. He was stopped at a roadblock and blew .01 over the limit. He had just 2 beers, the same amount that he has blown under the limit before. The difference - he had the last beer 5 minutes before having to dash off somewhere, he wasn't planning to leave then, but something came up and he had too. The process here is they breathalyse you then take blood for the court proceedings. He thought he'd be fine with the blood readings but forgot he also donated blood that day, so he wasn't. Luckily the Judge listened to him and he had proof about the blood donation and let him off on with a warning. Now he doesn't drink a drop if he's driving, it's called being an adult and learning from his experience. Should he have gone to jail, lost his job and been ruined for life because of what was a mistake?

Comment Re:Was Jesus riding Nessie? (Score 0) 936

It's a bit difficult to have a respectful debate with people who stick their fingers in their ears and just shout "GOD DID IT - YOU'RE GOING TO HELL" at you. We tried the education and respectful route already, that didn't work, how long would you spend arguing with someone with no evidence and no facts to back them up?

Comment Re:Medicine in America... (Score 0) 519

Yeah, and a foreigner in a stressful situation, is immediately going to think, hold on a sec; this is a America a first world country, I need to check which hospital I can go to. Instead of Oh shit, I need to go to a hospital, then get turned down by the first, get even more stressed, start panicing, then after the 2nd one you're even worse, and thinking holy shit, I need help and soon. Then you finally get helped, you're so relieved that you're getting attended too that take what ever you can get, only to be ripped off and misdiagnosed.

Comment Re:dodging anti-science? (Score 0) 519

"No. It has to do with the FDA making absolutely positively sure that a treatment is safe,” And yet they appear to still get it wrong, as per a recent article in Science Daily And plenty of other examples over the years, I think it has more to do with the very litigious society in the USA, than with anti-science.

Comment Re:This should not be a crime (Score 0) 898

Free speech does and should protect sadism, what it doesn't and shouldn't protect are actions arising from sadism or anything else. I personally think this guy went beyond the realm of mere speech when he started making videos etc. Therefore he should be punished and it is not a free speech issue. If he had just posted comments on the wall, then it would be different. But his actions went further than that.

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