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Comment Bury Head in Sand (Score 4, Interesting) 1067

This idea reminds me of "On Error Resume Next". The reason you don't do that is because a divide by zero indicates that you've got a logic failure somewhere else in your code. It's frequently easier to find an error when it's flashing big and red and throwing exceptions, rather than failing silently.

Comment It's the bottom of the pyramid (Score 2) 656

I bet you're a freshman. As mathematics (along with physics) is the foundation upon which computer science is built, you would do well to have a good understanding of it. I'm not saying that you should become an expert or take on a math degree, but, if you don't understand the basic principles underlying the code that you write, then I would have a hard time trusting that code in any meaningful application. Plus, it's not entirely useless in the real world. If you want to do an estimate of an algorithm's running time? Math. Want to compile some statistics on your application's usage patterns? Math.

Comment Just... no. (Score 1) 997

In short, no. I tend to run out of steam after about four or five hours, having to stay an extra three or four hours after the eight would just be a waste of time, piss me off and not get anything accomplished. Additionally, he's basically asking you to increase your work time by at least 25% for free. Nice try there, buddy. Assuming your boss is a reasonable human being (a little difficult to believe considering he even suggested this), you should be able to convince him that this is a horrible idea. Otherwise, start polishing your resume, it's time to jump ship.

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