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Comment The little phone OS who could. (Score 1) 294

I see a lot of hating in this thread toward Android phones. Maybe you lamers should get off you Apples and get back to real software.. OR maybe your memory is short lived. Remember Apple used Darwin to build its own OS, Darwin as in BSD and IT should be OPEN?? So how much GPL has Apple broke? Use and lock up the Source that is OPEN. HUH??? Ask yourself... Then five years ago a phone OS is made called Android made with open source, prior art and abandon ware. Nobody said anything till Google bought then Sun reached for a hand out.. OH but wait what they talked about was already being used on nearly every cellphone out at the time - mobile java - and no one else was paying fees for it. Then today Android is the little phone OS who could. The other OS makers are feeling the heat and like little cry baby bullies they play unfair. Others stick their hand out and want a free ride. They all have lost vision and lack innovation so if you cannot beat them or make em pay - get em closed down so your own crappy monopoly sets at the top of the trash heap that remains. And folks Apple products are just that CRAP! All you get is that little bite out of the apple and Steveie owns your a$$. No I don't like Apple because of what the did to Darwin when they locked their sources after the first years. That is not what was promised and they broke it. I guess there are not any old school UNIX developers left on this site.

Comment IMO - Here's what I'd done... (Score 1) 762

SG1 or another group finds an intact ship, really old, from the yet to be identified race, left out there with minimum power. Could have been planet bound or gate to required in space but not 'out of reach'. Then they could have had a season of getting to know the thing, founding out how to use it and find it can 'jump' via self made wormholes really great distances but only where it has been before in its' address database. Then the writers would have had a whole lots more playroom for adventure as Galaxy jumping and the whole gambit of possible lifeforms opens up.. Star Trek on roids!

Comment All the hi speeds?! (Score 1) 611

OK I must live in the "dark age" area of access speed... Oh wait that's right I have about 150 feet of copper between me and the fiber trunk and can see the teleco central switch through the trees off my back deck so I should be grateful for my 1.9mbps hi speed connection here in Atlanta. Customer no service states that is as fast as the fiber can go here in this area.. I am like WTF? as I know better. Before Bellsouth was consumed by ATT my speeds were an average of 9mbps - after ATT came the throttle down and was told as such by a neighbor employed there. I would love to have the speeds many of you posted. Buffering gets old fast.

Comment Re:If you've got a toll tag... (Score 1) 260

Not only toll tag readers on toll roads.. I my area on the interstate loops around the city and on the primary major routes through the city there are these covered square sensor looking gadgets that point at the roads, they are similar in appearance to the prepass sensors for Semi truck weight stations. HOWEVER they are placed at intervals along the road path, low and to the side. My conspiracy theory: they read car data that newer cars already spew out for ID and theft recovery. This information is already stored at the DMV by VIN, DVR license, name and SSN. Once you open any door to your home you have no reasonable expectation of privacy..Be it the front door or an electronic one to a cloud...

Comment Re:Bloody difficult. (Score 1) 1091

RARE????? The birth rate of intersexed abnormalities is 1 in 2000 births and that is not RARE... The average world birth rate is around 357000 a day that is 178.5 intersexed children born a day. There are other conditions that present less than this yet are considered mainstream conditions for research. Couple of examples: Cerebral Palsy; 1/4000, Cystic Fibrosis; 1/2500

Comment Re:Some streaming content does look bad - (Score 1) 277

Of course I know this tidbit of info.. I would not refer to the app on the PS3 as a 'browser'. While it does get you to pages it only works best with raw html4 as you may know. The PS3 quickly runs out of memory and there is the always "run this plugin" question when loading flash and/or java. With PlayOn this does not happen as it is streamed from a media server PC DNLA style. So while you can surf and view with the PS3 app it is limited and thus a poor experience in itself.

Comment Some streaming content does look bad - (Score 1) 277

However that depends on how you are streaming it to your HDTV. Examples: 1) PlayOn streaming of YouTube to PS3 connected via HDMI = Bad viewing experience with most content. 2) Streaming content via PC or laptop connected S-Video or component = slightly better experience. 3) Streaming content via PC or Laptop connected by VGA/DVI = Excellent viewing experience. #3 BTW is how we here at our place watch MOST of the TV content we wish to view. Both picture and sound are excellent and extremely close to our Roku box in performance. Now given this info it would depend on how a manufacturer presented the streaming content from the built in CPU (they should have done this a very long time ago) to the video processing side. They most likely already know that web content needs different conditional processing than that of a DVD player. I would assume that the video pre-processing would handle the scaling and other needs to present the flash or silverlight content correctly. Seems to Reason that if a PC or laptop can do it via VGA a HDTV with a built in box can do the same..

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