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Comment Re:What have we here? (Score 0) 422

Why forget the FDA. I used to work with Radiology systems. The minimum for our vendors the minimum they ever got charged for qualifying a medical device was $20,000. It is also at a very low level. When certification was complete a Bill of materials was setup and the computers systems are not supposed to deviate at all from them. This has to be done EVERY time you make a change to anything dealing with medical data.

Comment Re:Misses the point (Score 0) 371

I speak to getting good figures but I would suspect the know the importance of what they are trying to accomplish. Guss Grissom said: "If we die, we want people to accept it. We're in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life." Space Hall of Fame

Comment Re:As someone who has worked on it... (Score 0) 294

Yes, but if AIG keeps dropping the the insured they will do somewhere else and it if becomes a large problem the hospital will not accept the insurance.

Curing patients of diseases has not stopped the flow of patients yet and we are far more efficient now then ever in the past. There are always new things that need to be treated. Besides the bread and butter is the basic stuff anyway... My arms is broken.... Here is your x-rays, your cast and my money.

Turning the patient onto a medication regiment has no bearing on the physician (besides the kick back from the pharma cos) or hospital (Unless they use the pharmacy at the hospital) besides if the patients stays continued medication is no guarantee on them returning to the hospital for anything else.

Why would I want transparency... To cover my ass, unless I keep on screwing up is a good thing. Sure it can nail you to the wall if you screw up but if the evidence is out in the open and you can show you followed that evidence you should be in the clear. Although with they juries want to give out cash weather it is transparent or not is probably not gonna matter.

Besides if your hospital doesn't provide results I'll to one that can.

Comment Re:As someone who has worked on it... (Score 0) 294

Number 1 seems way off. Caring for health quicker mean more efficiency and hopefully less mistakes. That leads to more patients maybe even more patients satisfied with their quality of care. This leads to better Ranking in US new which leads to more patients. This all leads to greater profits.

Comment Re:sure it is (Score 0) 1079

Depending on the school I don't see why you wouldn't. Having a dedicated police for to protect you millions in assets and thousands of residents make sense. The university I went to had a police department that was a division of the state police and the officers rotated to different facilities throughout the area all of which were in different local jurisdictions. It seems to me having a single law enforcement team across all the facilities would by far more beneficial then dealing with 5 local offices that don't necessarily make you the number 1 priority.

Comment Re:That estimate seems really high (Score 0) 563

Sure it could be simple to move the data around. The problem is changes all of the applications that access the data. Then you have to train all of the nurses. And let me tell you those nurses/doctors/tech love changes. My favorite calls after and upgrade are "All of my screens are different". I have seen nurses quite because their screens changed.

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