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Comment Re:I'm male but... (Score 1, Insightful) 545

This is the problem. Right here. The sexism and harassment that is so common in tech is what turns women off to working in this field. I hate this attitude so much. The point of view that they're there at work for you to hit on is inappropriate and unacceptable. You are part of the problem.

If you'd like to stop being part of the problem, consider not hitting on your coworkers. Treat them as people, unique and interesting, and engage with them without soliciting a sexual relationship.

Comment Re:Hooray for hypocrisy! (Score 2) 56

That isn't hypocrisy. It's self-interest. Their policies are internally consistent: they desire a strong China. Not permitting foreign investors, and permitting local investments to be made in foreign markets makes for a strong China. Not that I agree with it, mind you. But that's how it appears.

Comment Re:I don't know much about electronics.. (Score 1) 380

Rule #1 in first year engineering courses should be "Don't take your prototype on an airplane"


The TSA sucks and blows, at the same time. But they are there, and it's not reasonable to believe that they'll do anything to handle these situations better in the future. The practical engineer should be mindful of how they transport their projects. Need to go multi-state? Fedex it to your destination, and pick it up.

Comment Re:Open Source Cures Cancer (Score 1) 386

At least when I buy software, or make purchasing decisions from a business standpoint, knowing that the company will stand behind the product and our implementation of it is more important than that trying to pursue some ideal about information and it's anthropomorphized desire to be free.

You're new here, right?

Since when is the promise of support the actuality of support? In my experience supporting enterprise and operations projects, it's often the free software that has the best support (by way of community). Just because you're paying doesn't mean you're getting anything of real value.

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