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Comment Re:The Taliban denied.. (Score 1) 146

Evil is relative, especially if you believe your committing it in the name of God then it is ok.

You try to make the case that they are just defending their Country and in part they may feel that is what they are doing.

But ask the people who when the Taliban was in power had their hands and feet cut off, or mutilated.
The number of thousand year old cultural artefacts that they destroyed. From that perspective kind of a Evil group.

Comment How about Creating a Open source construction kit? (Score 2) 76

How about Creating a Open source construction kit? That is unique, easily printable on current 3D printers/ or off the self parts from your local hardware store. and does not violate someone copy right. This way all parts will interconnect and improve over the current line of Toy construction kits limitations.


Comment Where are these Engineers going to work? Obama? (Score 1, Flamebait) 651

We don't have jobs for the Engineers we already have, many myself included can not find a job in our fields.

Why go to school to be come an Engineer when you will not have a job waiting for you?

We need to create Job's for the Engineers, stop importing Engineer for jobs or having them move over seas.

Fix out trade agreements so we are not competing against slave labor.....
Fix the hole in our borders....

Comment To watch 3D, do you really need a 3D TV? (Score 1) 287

Maybe I am wrong, but why can not 3D HD TV be done through the new Wii it's self on non 3D TV's?

As for that why can not a normal LCD HD TV be upgraded to 3D with a external box, or why do they no offer it in the DVD/Blue ray players?

I know 3D TV merely a gimmick to keep the price of HD TV's higher for a few dollars worth of extra components.

Comment I am free from Cable/Sat (Score 1) 697

I became the same way, paying outrageous prices just to watch a few channels.

I found that now that over the air TV is digital many of my old channels have multiple options from 24 hour weather, movies, classic TV shows, etc.
I can locally pick up over 20+ HD channels free.

I also found that Netflix fills the void for movies and TV shows that I once watched on cable/sat.

Even my kids, watch Netflix, Youtube for their shows.

Comment Re:Obama Brought back Jobs and Growth (Score 1) 639

How about post a chart that is back up in facts, anyone can produce a graph chart.

While I did not agree with everything Bush or Republicans did, to blame them alone shows lack of any real thought and shows your just a blind Democratic party supporter.

Here are some facts as to how we got to where we are today:

Democrat's ignored Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, when Bush came into office he wanted more over site of them. Democrats block any attempt at taken any action on those Government set up Mortgage company's.

Obama has increased spending 4X what we are taken in via Taxes. And Republicans are Evil for trying to get a handle on it.

I not sure what planet you live on, but Obama care is not going to save any lives. More people are going to die under it, do to health care rationing. Just go back and look up Obama speaking on his idea of heath care, old people should be given a pill to make them feel better until they die. Not worth spending money to keep them alive.

Last time I checked there are not people laying all over the streets dieing under our current health care system. But it does not mean we do not need to do something about health care cost, but Obama care does not address that.

Comment I thought about this idea years ago (Score 1) 297

I had similar thoughts of using a cell phone that way.

With the increase in storage space and shrinking on size of memory and hard drives. You could carry around all your documents and e-mails on your cell phone.

When home you dock your cell phone, the phone is charged and all your data is synced with docking station, which would house a larger hard drive and other devices like CD/DVD burner, printers.

The have the ability to use a monitor, keyboard and mouse when your not out on the road and use full screen app's.

When the cell phone app's let you access the data in a format suited for the cell phone.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1, Funny) 433

Sounds like you don't understand economics and the current economic situation!

It is big Government that has put us in to high unemployment rates and debt, not capitalism or the idea of trickle down.

Example of trickle down economics.

Joe the plumber is getting more calls then he can handle, so he hires a employee.

What is the effect of that?

1. One less person unemployed.
2. Joe needs to buy a truck for him, add's to car/truck sales.
3. Joe must by tools, the tool makers sell their product.
4. Joe's new employee is now able to pay taxes, buy food, pay rent, etc.
5. Joe makes more money.

The same goes of a large Company, as they grow. They hire more people who in turn spend their money on things.

Like calling Joe the plumber to update their bath room or kitchen, buying a new car, etc.

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