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Comment Re:Aren't transactions like this tracked? (Score 1) 189

I guess the banks figure "why should we?"

It's not their fault the money has been transferred fraudulently, they have no responsibility and by not getting involved they avoid possible legal liabilities.

However, you'd think that the police/interpol could track the movement of the money -- after all, it's not like someone is going to rock up to an ATM and withdraw 40 million Euros in cash, is it?

Comment Re:VPNs FTW? (Score 1) 460

I've canceled my Netflix and gone back to torrents. It was the total lack of screeners on Netflix that turned be off. Hell, screeners are great -- it's just like being at the theater. If I can't see the heads of those in front and hear cellphones ringing two rows back then it's not a true movie experience.

Damn you Netflix! :-)

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi & OSMC (Score 1) 226

Absolutely Exodus is crazy-good on the RP2 with Kodi.

The only problem is the need to occasionally reflash the microSD because something happens to the database and it screws up 1Channel, Exodus, SALTS and all the other video plug-ins. Bit of a pain in the backside but worth the irritation when you consider the results you get.

Comment Re:Sadly, it's true (Score 2) 246

Yet, strangely enough, Google allows its YouTube service to only tacitly deal with copyright infringements through that service.

This is why Swift, McCartney and a bunch of other recording artists are pushing for a change to the DMCA that would prevent YouTube from effectively leveraging their music for profit without adequate compensation:

Google only censors that which does not stand to make it a profit.

What I find interesting is that when you file a copyright violation complaint with YouTube (when, for instance, someone has uploaded one of your own videos to their own channel and monetized it), they often take their own sweet time to take it down. In fact, there are channels on YT that consist of nothing more than content leached from other channels. As someone who earns his living from his YT channels, I find it annoying that sometimes you have to flle a dozen or more notices against another channel carrying your videos, before YT will act.

What I also want to know is...

Where does the ad-revenue generated by those unauthorised uploads/views go?

I bet that YT doesn't refund the money to the advertisers -- but t hey sure as hell don't pass it on to the original owner of the copyright.

You can be pretty sure that this money goes straight into Google's pockets -- which explains why they're not at all interested in acting quickly to take-down such channels -- because its revenue without the need to share.

Do no evil?

Yeah, right!

Comment Sadly, it's true (Score 5, Interesting) 246

I noticed the "google censor" effect just the other day when I went searching for some info on a piece of software that is probably considered to be "evil" because it helps aid the circumvention of copyright.

This is a *very* popular bit of software but oddly enough, Google's search returned almost no results.


I think it's pretty obvious.

Comment Re:I don't (Score 2) 507

"While the Pi solution the writer posed would work, it won't have Netflix"

And that's important why?

I've been using KODI (more recently the TVMC image) with 1Channel, SALTS, Phoenix or Genesis on my RP for a long time and I watch all the Netflix content -- albeit I'm not burdened with a monthly subscription for doing so :-)

If Netflix want to make a plug-in for KODI available I'll subscribe. If they don't then it's no skin off my nose but in the meantime I'm not switching to Android or a PC just to pay them money.

Comment Re:Get ready everyone with anything (Score 3, Insightful) 189

But what constitutes a "cost"?

Is it the lease on your building? Yep
Is it the power to run your shop's lights? Yep
Is it the cost of attending a "widget" conference in Las Vegas for a week? Um...
Is it the cost of the new Porsche you purchased which gets used for business use 5% of the time? Errr...
Is it the boozy lunches you regularly hold for your "friends" in the widget industry? Hmm...

Most of those 15,000 pages are probably to do with defining what constitutes an acceptable expense and what doesn't.

The problem is immensely more complex than you might think -- which is why business gets away with "avoiding" tax so much more effectively than wage-slaves do.

Comment Re:"May Have" Struck a Drone (Score 1) 401

"As someone who works at a major Air Force bace that flies "heavies", I can tell you that often there is no physical damage and the only way to confirm a "bird strike" is the blood left behind, and small drones do not have blood."

But hang on... surely you're not saying that the media, the pilots union and the regulators have lied to us when they have repeatedly told stories that any kind of collision between a recreational drone and an airliner would result in a devastating loss of life?

Who'd have thought :-)

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