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Comment Re:Very Strange (Score 1) 650

Boy, do I ever wish "No no, I'm a computer expert, just do what I say, I don't have time to explain it" worked on my boss.

Sorry, but you can't get a degree in "computer expert". Expand that to "computer engineering" and it should make more sense.

Should you have to explain to your boss every detail of things like TCP/IP to justify a new server to handle and increased load or better response time?

Though, since PHB is paying, if they DID want a complete explanation of TCP/IP, it might be worth getting a contracting agreement and getting paid by the hour.

Comment Re:Very Strange (Score 2, Insightful) 650

OK, and how do we know the climate models are reliable? The answer is we don't, and if you keep digging, you will find that they aren't.

This is the actual problem. Credibility and education is no longer honored, but tested by people like yourselves. Quite simply, the answer to your questions, is to get a degree in atmospheric sciences. Don't dig. Learn.

At some point, it unfortunately became more desirable in our society to just repeatedly ask questions until you "stump" some authority. Somehow, this got labeled by those as being "educated" and "intelligent". The reality seems instead to be that you have no desire to understand the issue or concept, just challenge it until you can deem yourself superior.

Do you have any honest credibility for making statements like "OK, and how do we know the climate models are reliable? The answer is we don't"?

Are you well studied in how the microphysics of ice, rain, sleet, graupel, etc are handled in the climate models? How the terrain resolution and the corresponding land-use fields are interpolated and any potential effects of such? How about the sources of the snowpack fields and how often they're updated?

I'm sorry, but credible scientists can not spend their time to give you a free education when you demand it.

Comment Re:But there is Vertical movement... (Score 1) 154

Oh, and by the way: you triggered this with a completely invalid example. Gravity pulls. Low pressure pulls. Horses pull. Tractors pull.

I beg to differ abot the invalid example. Communicate why it is the low pressure pulling and not the high pressure pushing, or possibly a mix of the two, or even a mix of many forces. Why, when we view observe these parcels of air well above the surface, do we see them nearly circling a region of low pressure (geostrophic balance). You follow with some other examples, a horse pulls, which pulls its object directly towards it, just as does a tractor does. I would expect this to cause more confusion to the interested student than anything.

Student: "So you're saying that a low pressure pulls on a parcel of air causing the parcel to circle the low, in the same way a horse pulls a buggy behind it? Why doesn't the buggy circle the horse?"

Gravity is a poor example as it is something humans have yet to fully grasp an understanding of, we use the "anthropomorphism, simile, and metaphor", whatever you'd like to call it because the ultimate cause of the gravitational force remains an open question. We simply cannot at this time formulate a better description.

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