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Comment Yahoo's 17 Questions (Score 1) 263

I've had this floating around on my hard drive for quite a while, and have used it on occasion. Not sure if Yahoo still sends it out, but you get the drift from their questions....

Yahoo's 17 Questions

1. Do you rent, lease, buy or otherwise obtain email lists from companies, individuals, organizations, or websites (other than those you own) that do not indicate that the customer will be subscribed to this specific email list?
a. If yes, do you explicitly send an opt-in confirmation email to the email addresses you have acquired?
-- If yes, please send a text-only example of this email.
b. If no, please explain how you obtain email addresses.

2. How do you verify that the true owner of the email address you have obtained is valid?

3. Do you offer list management services for other companies (i.e., as an ASP)? If so, please provide us with your standards for accepting your clients' email lists.

4. Do you rent, lease, sell, or otherwise give email lists to other companies, individuals, organizations, or affiliates without providing notice to the email users that they will be subscribed to the buyer's specific email list?

5. Please indicate the information below pertaining to email sent to Yahoo! mail.
a. How frequently do you send email to Yahoo! users in a given month and how many emails are sent in the average mailing?
b. If you send email to multiple addresses, how many addresses are sent to, for an average mailing?
c. If you are an ASP, what has your average client mailing frequency been over the past six months?
d. Are you emails informational and subscriber based (newsletters)?
e. Are your emails for marketing to other than existing customers?

6. Please specify your policies pertaining to both soft (4xx) and hard (5xx) SMTP response codes or bounce messages.
a. Do you remove email addresses from your mail server or list if emails to them bounce?
b. How many bounced emails are required before you consider an email address to be inactive and subject to removal from your list?
-After an email address reaches your bounce limit, how long (i.e., minutes, hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email address from your list?
c. Are there any circumstances under which you ignore the standard definitions (4xx) being temporary and (5xx) being permanent, and instead apply your own non standard interpretation? If so, when/what/how?

7. If a user requests removal from your email list, how long (i.e., minutes, hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email address?
When user clicks an unsubscribe link (if applicable):
When user requests removal:

8. If a user is removed from your email list, what happens to that email address in your database?

9. Please copy and paste a text-only example of a recent mailing, having the delivery issue, including full Internet headers. Include the entire error message if email is being returned or undeliverable.

Within a Yahoo! Mail account, you can display this information by clicking the "Full Headers" link located within the message in the bottom right-hand corner.

10. Please provide all of the active email IP address(es) and domain names you are currently using to send your mailings including notes with regards to dedicated or shared status for each. We do request email administrators to describe which of their clients corresponds to each IP address. Please submit this information in the following format:

IP Address:
Mail Server Domain Name:
Notes: dedicated IP, domain/list server
At this time we can only consider active and correctly configured mail servers/IPs for possible addition to the whitelist.

11. Are these IP addresses dedicated solely for your company's mailings?
If not, please specify which IP addresses of your email servers are used only by your organization. Please use the following format:

IP Address:
Mail Server Domain Name:
Notes: billing, employee newsletter, company in-house information only

12. Are you planning on utilizing DomainKeys
( to authenticate your mailings?
If so, when do you plan to fully implement and use DomainKeys?

13. Please provide the "From" address(es) in the mailings you send.

14. Please provide the URL of your web site.

15. Please provide the URL of your Privacy Policy and other relevant policies.

16. Please provide the URL of the site at which users opt-in to receive your mailings.

17. Finally, please provide the following contact information:
Company name:
Postal Address
Zip Code:
Key contacts
Email address:
Phone number:
Contact email address for important service announcements:


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail. We appreciate your responses to the questionnaire.
While we cannot fully exempt your mail server from our SpamGuard technology, we have made appropriate changes to your mail server's IP addresses in our database.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


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