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Submission + - Bing Finance Down (

New_Guy_Here writes: Bing Finance down? Is Bing scaling back on its available content? Whats going on?

No more news available. It just doesnt work, and no message from Bing either. The page simply reroutes to its search engine page.


Submission + - CNN Discusses I-Phone Jailbreakers (

New_Guy_Here writes: CNN interviews Apple i-phone jailbreak entreprenour George Hotz. Evidently, George spent 500 hours over a summer vacation when he was
17 years old and cracked the i-phone, making himself somewhat of an urban legend. Further discussion with other jailbreakers and their
'warez' also included, with something of an attitude towards Apple.

Question is: now that George is in the limelight, with a few other 'breakers', how long until the lawsuits start coming? Or is he covered?

Comment Re:Professionalism (Score 1) 1231

I dropped KK on an old Dell Inspiron 1200 yesterday, because the XP on it had finally given up the ghost. Seemed pretty good, except as you note the system doesnt seem to like wireless. It doesnt register my Dell 1350 WLAN card. It seems to see it being inserted, but doesnt power it up. Not really sure how to fix this, looking in old forums. Otherwise, IMHO, nice job out of the box. Wired LAN worked fine, as did all other hardware.

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