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Journal Journal: Similarities in culture between American Indians and Chinese

Scientifically, it is now an established fact that Chinese genes are part of the founding genes of the American Indian.

But the similarities in cultures and belief are astounding...

It was reported that Navajo Indians could understand ancient Chinese characters.

The most important common belief shared between the American Indians and Chinese is the belief in elements, a basic understanding of our planet as defined by I-Ching.

I-Ching defined the eight basic elements..the wind, the earth, the heaven, the water, the fire, the thunder, the mountains, and the marsh lands. Indians believe almost the same..I heard that American Indian believe that there is a spirit guarding each of these elements. Chinese also believe in the same...except sometimes there are more than one....

Chinese and Indians both believe in the dragons...

They both believe that when the body is sick, it is invaded by evil spirits that cause the energy in the body to become imbalance. In Chinese we call the energy "Chi".

Both races share the same belief in herbal medicines.

Now comes the most interesting part...the god of thunder.

Indians believe in the Thunder Bird.

Chinese believe the god of thunder, Lei Kung( grandpa of thunder) is a god with head of a bird, has wings and claws......

Both races believe in spiritual forces....and atonement with nature.

I think we have only started to scratch the surface of the link between these two people.

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Journal Journal: Two Proofs That Big Bang Is Hog Wash....

According to theory, light takes time to travel. So, if we look into deep space, the further is the object, the longer time it takes for the light from that object to reach us. Therefore, we are looking at those objects in the past. So, if the objects are approximately 10 billion light years from us, then the objects we are looking at was 10 billion years ago. The object might not exist right now, or it is not even there now.

So far so good.

The purpose of sending the Hubble telescope looking into deep space was to find out what the universe looked like 10 to 12 billion years ago. The Big Bang scientists, after a gang bang, have decided that the universe is approximately 13 billion years old.

So they ordered the Hubble telescope to look into deep space. They want to see very young clouds of gases.....

Guess what they have found?

More galaxies...tens and thousands of them...all over the place....WELL DEFINED GALAXIES....with spiral arms...

These galaxies sure don't look very young to me. If these galaxies are 10 to 12 billion light years away, and the universe is 13 billion light years old, the galaxies could not be more than 1 to 3 billion years old. But they definitely look older than that. In fact, some looks just like our galaxy they are at least 13 billion years old!

Here is a video for your entertainment...

Wait a minute! The Hubble also looked at the exact opposite direction and see the same thing! you know what it means?

It means that 10 to 12 billion years ago, we have galaxies 10 to 12 billion light years away at one side, and 10 to 12 billion light years away at the other side...and these galaxies have to exist at the same time or we would not be able to see them at the same time now.

This means that the visible universe is at least 24 billion light years big 12 billion years ago!

How can a universe be 24 billion light years big but only 13 billion years old?

How can something grow faster than speed of light?

ABSURD! come the second proof

For the Big bang is to be true, there has to be equal amount of matter and anti matter created during the big bang.

BUT we have not been able to find any anti matter in free form in the universe yet...

I am trying to make it as simple as I can make it so you would understand.


The universe is infinite in time and space practically. There is no way we can see its beginning at our current state of art.

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Journal Journal: Google being sued for invading private property

Faced with a lawsuit by a Pittsburgh couple who claims that their privacy was invaded by Google's "Street View" mapping technology, the search giant has removed images of the family's home from its servers. Several photos of the Oakridge Lane home of Aaron and Christine Boring have been yanked from Google Maps and replaced with a black image, as seen below. But while photos of the Boring property have been scrubbed, a more intrusive series of photos of a neighboring home remain on Google (and can be found here). The home of Janet and George McKee is the only property on Goldenbrook Lane, a narrow, gravel path off Oakleaf Lane, a two-way street. The McKee residence is at the end of Goldenbrook Lane, which the family was able to name at the time their home was built in 1993. As the "Street View" images show, a Google vehicle--outfitted with a roof-mounted camera taking 360-degree images--drove down the gravel path and onto the paved driveway leading to the McKee home. The Google car continued past the steps leading to the McKees's front door and came to a stop outside the house's three-car garage (and next to the family's trampoline and portable basketball rim). Taking photos all the time, the Google vehicle was squarely on private property, a fact that presumably should have been apparent when the gravel path became paved. Janet McKee, who was unaware of the "Street View" images until contacted by TSG, said that it was "a little bit creepy to think of someone filming our home without me knowing about it." She said that the property line began with the paved driveway. A photo of the McKee property can be found on Allegheny County's Office of Property Assessments web site, but that image was snapped from a distance--not from the family's backyard, as was Google's preference.

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