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Comment Re:We DO need another desktop OS. (Score -1, Troll) 757

Because you are white, you people invade our country 200 years ago because we refuse to sell your opium, and you link up with other coutries to destroy our property and seize our lands. You damn anglo-saxon has been working with the bastard jews trying to wipe us out, lucky we are still alive, and we now pwned your a$$.

Comment Since Obama take office, Jews losing power.. (Score -1, Offtopic) 231

Yup. Look at the name of the RIAA lawyer. Have you wonder why so many law office have Jewish names?

Anyway, the good news is the influence of the Rothschild (the Jewish family behind the establishment of apartheid Israel) is diminishing due to the economic tsunami. For that the political power of American Jews are decreasing too.

May be Obama is the reincarnation of Lincoln. Lincoln freed the blacks from white slavery. Obama free all of us from Jewish slavery.


UK Government Says More Spying Needed 297

An anonymous reader writes "Our wonderful government here in the UK has decided we're not being surveilled enough, and agreed to spend £12 billion on a programme to monitor every Briton's phone calls, e-mails, and internet usage. According to various sources, upwards of £1 billion has already been spent on the uber-database. Rationale? Terrorism, of course (no prizes for guessing). Needless to say, not everyone is as happy as Larry over this: Michael Parker pointed out how us Brits are being 'stalked.' I'm just looking forward to when the data gets lost."

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