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Journal Journal: Introducing the Censorship Research Center

The Censorship Research Center (CRC), a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded by Austin Heap and Daniel Colascione in 2009 to serve as the legal entity which will provide anti-censorship education, outreach, and technologies for free to those who need it most. The CRCâ(TM)s first major project is Haystack (official project site), which seeks to provide access to information and communications to the Iranian people in the wake of recent restrictions imposed by the government of Iran. There's a great write up over at PBS Frontline's Tehran Bureau about the organization.

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Journal Journal: So What Is Dance Music?

Dance music is a lot of things. There's the bad house music, the shitty trance music...but Relentless is really a combo of soo many (non-shitty) things that it's not even fair to compare. You remember when Gabriel & Dresden first came out? How about Sander Kleinenberg's first Global Underground album? They both sucked. much better.
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Journal Journal: Clint Curtis

I totally forgot that I wrote about his whole ordeal. So, here's what some other voices on the Internet are expressing about Mr. Curtis...

"The BRAD BLOG has just received an exclusive first-hand account of Clint Curtis' sworn testimony (as reported earlier) to the Judiciary Committee Democrats holding hearings this morning in Columbus, Ohio on Election 2004 Voting Irregularities.

The software programmer, whose sworn affidavit was first reported by The BRAD BLOG, named Republican U.S. Congressman Tom Feeney (a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee!) as having asked him to create 'vote-rigging' software in a meeting at Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) prior to the 2000 elections!

Feeney was, at the time of the alleged meeting, a Florida legislator and later became Speaker of the Florida House. He was also the running mate to Jeb Bush in his failed 1994 bid for Florida Governor.

Curtis was the only witness to be sworn in at today's hearings.

Here is the exclusive account as we've just received it by a very reliable BRAD BLOG source inside the committee hearings!

The following account may sound melodramatic but it is highly accurate.

None of these are quotes and represent my best recollection.

At apprx 1p, after a witness had finished, cliff arnebeck -- who had given a presentation some time before -- interjected and asked to call one more witness. He was given permission to do so. He said he was calling clint curtis.

Some of the audience literally gasped while others applauded. They clearly knew who he was.

Curtis stood at the front of room with arnebeck seated behind him. Curtis was about five to ten feet from the members of congress. At the front of the room, he placed his hand on a bible and was sworn. To my knowledge, he was the only witness sworn.

Arnebeck began a direct examination of curtis with basic questions, name, residence....

Then got to his qualifications.

Then, he asked curtis something like whether voting machines could be hacked. He said yes. Arnebeck asked him on what he based that opinion. He said because I wrote a program that could do it. Arnebeck asked when that happened. Curtis said feeney had asked him to design such a program at yang enterprises.

Jaws dropped. Tubbs jones and waters looked shocked.

Tubbs jones, waters and nadler asked questions. Waters asked him to repeat who asked him to do it. Congressman feeney, he said. Nadler asked him some questions, as did tubbs jones and a state senator.

Curtis was asked what he would conclude if there was such a substantial deviation btwn exit polls and actual results. He said he would conclude the election had been hacked. Gasps. Could have heard a pin drop.

In the end, curtis was very very convincing to everyone in attendance. He was a show stopper, a stunner. It was a really amazing moment.


As we've previously reported since breaking our original exclusive story on the Curtis affidavit [PDF] last week (Key articles are linked in a box in our right sidebar) Curtis last week met privately with staffers on the Judiciary Committee as well as Senate staffers.

Wired Magazine revealed today in their article on Curtis that it was staffers in Sen. Bill Nelson's office with whom Curtis met last week in D.C.

Nelson oversees NASA in the Senate. Curtis had charged in his affidavit that an employee, Hai Lin Nee (a/k/a Henry Nee) with whom Curtis worked at Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) had inserted 'wiretapping routines' into programs that YEI had been contracted to create for NASA, among other companies (including the Florida Dept. of Transportation).

Nee was charged with shipping chips used in Hellfire anti-tank missiles to the Peoples Republic of China in March of this year, and has since plead guilty to one of those counts (more on Nee soon!)

At the time of the alleged October 2000 meeting at YEI when Curtis claims that Feeney asked him to create a 'vote-rigging software prototype', Feeney was a member of the Florida Legislature, a corporate attorney for YEI, as well as being a registered lobbyist for the company.

Feeney was said to have been, at the time, the only registered lobbyist known to have been serving concurrently as a legislator in the 160 member Florida statehouse.

Shortly thereafter, Feeney became Speaker of the Florida Legislature.

In 2002 Feeney won a U.S. Congress seat in the newly created 24th Florida congressional district.

Feeney was the running mate to Jeb Bush during his first failed bid for Governor in 1994.

As we noted earlier, Wired Magazine article quotes YEI Attorneys as saying that Curtis was a 'disgruntled employee', but does not note that the Attorney who made the statement is both a campaign contributor to Feeney, and, as well, is Feeney's former law partner in Florida.

As well, there seems to be little to indicate that Curtis was 'disgruntled' with YEI or vice versa. He submitted his resignation in December of 2000 and stayed on, at YEI's request for an additional six weeks afterwards until a replacment could be found.

It has been reported YEI threw a 'farewell party' for Curtis, and email correspondce that The BRAD BLOG has seen would indicate that employees -- including Nee -- missed Curtis a great deal in the months after he finally left the company.



"# Air America Radio aired their interview with Curtis, as first reported here last night, this morning on their Unfiltered program. Attempting to get a link to the audio, and we've been told by producers at AA that they will be running clips from the interview all week. Will update here when we do.

UPDATE: I'm listening to a copy of the AA interview now, and I should have noted before that AA can proudly take credit for having the first broadcast media interview with Curtis. As well, they were kind enough to give The BRAD BLOG credit for breaking the story. Which we appreciate. Trying to figure out how to get the .MP3's posted at this time. Hopefully AA will be able to host them since we don't currently own the bandwidth to make them available for download (I suspect there will be many who will wish to listen). More as I can get it for ya...

FURTHER UPDATE: Air America has now made the complete Curtis interview is now available online here. (Haven't listened to it yet, but I'm told it contains even more than just the stuff they aired this morning).

HOPEFULLY FINAL UPDATE ON THIS: Crooks and Liars has now posted the Curtis interview as it aired on AA, as opposed to the full uncut 17 minute interview. This version is notable because you'll also get the hosts take on Curtis and the story in general.

# Also, Curtis appeared on the Thom Hartmann Radio Show this morning in his first hour at Noon ET. .MP3 of the Hartmann interview here. The section with Curtis begins just around the 8 minute mark. (Thanks Greg D!)

# Curtis met this morning with a U.S. Senator's office to discuss what he claims to know about a certain aspect of his case. We're being purposely vague on details here, as we've been asked, so as not to spook anybody out there in particular.

# He was also present at today's Dem Judiciary Committee Hearings on the Ohio Election. We're told he was "swarmed afterwards" by folks who wanted to talk to him.

# And -- as he's been "off the grid" since Monday -- and is wholly unaware of all the discussion that's been taking place on the internet about his story, we informed him of many of the attempts currently taking place to both debunk and/or confirm various elements of he and his claim.

His comment to The BRAD BLOG about that: "Good! We want them to debunk as much possible, since that means they'll research the claims and find out how much is out there about it all...including stuff that I don't even know yet!"



"Please print this screen to retain the instructions for the Vote Fraud Prototype

1. Use Winzip to unzip the program. (If you don't have winzip you can download it for free at )
2. Run the Setup.exe from the install menu
3. Install the program. You can use the defaults

4. As you can see it comes with the database pre-filled with several votes.
5. You can cast votes by clicking on a candidates name and clicking submit
6. To flip the vote to favor the Democrat over the Republican - first click on the D in PRESIDENT and then click on the S in PRESIDENT
7. To flip the vote to favor the Republican over the Democrat - first click on the R in PRESIDENT and then click on the S in PRESIDENT

This feature can be turned on or off so that it must be activated before it can work again. This prevents the feature from being accidentally tripped in case someone is running a test on the system.

1.The top left corner turns the vote fraud features off.

2.The bottom right corner turns the vote fraud feature on

3.The bottom left corner flips the vote to a Republican advantage of 51% if the vote fraud feature has been turned on.

4.The top right corner flips the vote to a Democratic advantage of 51% if the vote fraud feature has been turned on.

If you would like to setup the database differently. It's hidden activation spot is at the top middle of the screen.

Interesting, eh?!
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Journal Journal: Seven new sample libraries from VSL

The new Horizon Series from the Vienna Symphonic Library consists of seven instrumental sample libraries in Gigastudio and EXS24 formats. The diverse collection of instruments sampled were all recorded at VSL's purpose-built Silent Stage facility and all of the libraries include VSL's ingenious Performance Tool, which allows the user to incorporate convincing performance effects such as slides, bends, legato passages and repeated notes.

Opus 1 is the most expensive library in the range at £660, and features string, brass, woodwind and percussion samples from VSL's Pro Editions.

Solo Strings (£296) features violin, viola, cello and double-bass solo instruments with a full range of articulations (legato, spiccato, détaché and so on).

Vienna Concert Guitar (£177) is a complete nylon-string guitar library with a wide variety of single notes, chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs and other unique guitar performance effects.

For those whose tastes lie closer to Joe Satriani than Julian Bream, Overdrive (£130) samples a seven-string distortion guitar, including harmonics, feedback and string scratches, and features a similar range of slides, runs, chords and bends.

Saxophones 1 (£177) features soprano and tenor sax, with a range of articulations for both symphonic and jazz styles.

Mallets (£197) packages together the mallet percussion instruments from the Pro Edition -- celeste, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, xylophone, temple blocks and wood blocks.

Finally, Glass & Stones (£165) is an unusual collection of instruments constructed from these materials -- glass harmonica, verrophone, musical glasses and a five-octave lithophone.

All of the sample libraries in the Horizon Series are available now.
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Journal Journal:

Okay. So i am going to pick from two different mixers. The pioneer djm500/djm1000 or the behringer djx700. It gets down the the price differences, and what Austin Heap says is that you should find out the songs beat-per-minute for trance, dance, electronica at FlyPop or NWN Shops.

If you missed, this is a follow up to a different message about music instruments, pro audio equiptment, and the cheapest deals.

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