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Comment Re:I trust my life to Boeing every time I fly (Score 1) 334

The FAA is all over it. There are specifications for the thread tape used on the wiring conduits. Different conduits are required to use difference types and brands of thread tape. The flashlight batteries have to have a certificate of airworthiness in every case. The paint pens for touching up the exterior paint have a 90 day shelf life. The flip-down trays on the back of the seat are inspected by the same people that inspect the engine components. The FAA also requires that the "stores" where the airlines keep the parts are always manned. Mechanics are not allowed in the "stores".

Comment Re:OS? (Score 1) 286

The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the main directories and their contents in Linux operating systems. For the most part, it is a formalization and extension of the traditional BSD filesystem hierarchy. The FHS is maintained by the Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization consisting of major software and hardware vendors, such as HP, Red Hat, IBM and Dell. Ok, so anyone can, but do they? Before this is dismissed as an indicator can anyone cite a non-linux or BSD OS that uses this standard maintained by the Linux Foundation?

Comment Re:OS? (Score 1) 286

linux based does not mean they used a full distro on it. the LG rumor/script series used a linux based os either way I'm still sticking with java not being an OS at the very least the presence of /dev and /etc folder in the filesystems of most CDMA feature phones makes me think they are linux based, since I doubt anyone had the balls to try the license minefield Unix has become. also BitPim will let you view the filesystem on a wide variety of CDMA qualcomm based phones.

Comment Re:OS? (Score 1) 286

You guys need to take a good hard look at the file systems on those phones. Not to mention that the apps available for s40 would make the phones more smart than feature. They had an RDP client. Calling Symbian a feature phone OS isn't accurate at all, but might have something to do with Nokia running off to join the windows phone vendor ship.

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