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Comment Re:Small, flaming rings (Score 1) 374

It... doesn't.

They have a ham-handed way of dealing with 'urgent' messages. For example, the updates that Windows Update installs that require a system reboot ask you at 15 minute intervals about rebooting, and start a 10 minute timer. Say you walk away to get a delicious bowl of late-night cereal or let it scan for viruses while you go doodle somewhere else. Bam, system restart.

Comment Small, flaming rings (Score 3, Interesting) 374

I find it sad that a decision by a single company can create small, flaming hoops for the Internet to jump through. I'm happy that the browser (r)evolution we're experiencing is helping this, though. With all this sudden competition, it's not only forcing the browsers to whip up into Interwebs standards but also get rid of the monopoly that Microsoft has over the browser market. Hopefully, we'll never be at this strange crossroads again. Gogo capitalism!

Hell, I'm amazed Microsoft doesn't just annoy the IE6'ers into submission. That doesn't seem out of their league.

Comment Re:Car's seat (Score 1) 460

I hurt my back trying to pick up something heavy a couple of years ago.

Most days everything's fine, but about twice a year I will move just wrong, and then I have a week of back pain. I've tried every chair, sofa, mattress and even lying on a concrete floor (that actually works, to some degree).

My father did the exact same thing and had the exact same problems, he had a 'herniated disc.' It was his problem, and not mine, so I'm not too keen on it, but that's a label for your problem.

I'm not a doctor, but I've seen one on TV.

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