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Submission + - Typical Linux FUD Campaign towards Microsoft. (

An anonymous reader writes: Both sides play dirty!

An Exercise for the Reader: Take a look at any of the major Linux friendly sites around the net and see if you can spot a pattern.

The typical day revolves around crying wolf, proclaiming Linux the winner of every battle, and screaming FUD at anything and everything Microsoft related...

FUD recipe: 1) Create a completely misleading title. 2) Make a mountain out of a non-existent molehill. 3) Proclaim insider knowledge not possessed by more experienced individuals. 4) Carefully craft statements based on false premisses. 5) Spread the FUD around and bake @ 350.

And whatever you do, DO NOT ADD FACTS, Facts, facts!

Comment Re:Examples of PHP inconsistency and performance (Score 1) 122

Have you considered or evaluated a Windows-based Apache/PHP solution? Recently, I've even been able to compile mod_fastcgi under win32 for Apache 2.2...

As far as the thread-safe issue goes, [IMO] it has always been better to run Apache under a process-based MPM, as it's:
1) more secure, isolating
2) more stable

The common misconception of the performance penalty arises more from the lack of any further MPM configuration to the specific task and system.

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