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Comment ISS Residents (Score 1) 225

I was curious to see if they did any projection on whether the ISS is shielded enough for a storm of that scale. This article from 2005 ( seems to indicate ISS is heavily shielded. There was nothing in the OP's articles that indicated if the modeled storm would be strong enough to cause serious radiation damage to the residents.

Comment Re:Excellent opportunity to ask Slashdot (Score 1) 189

There's nothing wrong about "going back" to the original editions. I've left a comment previous about the retroclones and the availability of the older versions. They definitely fit all 3 of your characteristics without reinventing the wheel - and the newer retroclones do organize things a bit better than the originals.

Comment Attack of the Retroclones and Simulacra (Score 1) 189

You'll be happy to hear that there's a lot of great games that aren't driven by the Hasbro/WotC machine and many of them hew faithfully to what made the old games so great - rules-light (compared to today's versions), tool-kit approach, "imagine the hell out of it" attitude. It's been mainly a niche of a niche, but in the last year or so, interest in the "Old School Renaissance" has really taken off.

If you liked AD&D 1e, the books are very easy to get off of Ebay/Craigslist, but OSRIC ( is a retroclone that is free to download, and has promoted a few small publishers to continue releasing new 1e content.

If you liked Basic/Expert (the two book set from the early 80s) or the BECMI (the 5 "basic" books from the mid 80s) then Labyrinth Lord would be your thing: - also free.

If you really want to go old school, back to the original 3 "Little Brown Books" printed in 1974, then Swords & Wizardry is a retroclone that simplifies an already simple game. - the Core Rules are the 3LBBs and the Greyhawk supplement (uses all the dice for HD and damage), while the "Whitebox" is a toolkit game that is strictly just the 3 books (d6s only for HD/damage)

There is a lot out there and there are tons of blogs, forums and groups that try to keep the flames alive on the old games. One of them is TARGA - and in interest of full disclosure, I run an "old school" blog myself - I currently run a 3 group AD&D campaign setting and a solo OD&D campaign with my wife.

The Internet

Submission + - Livejournal-SixApart suspending accounts

Tsarina Amanda writes: "Livejournal/SixApart has bowed to complaints and possible nastygrams to advertisers by a so-called vigilante group Warriors for Innocence by suspending accounts related to fandom writing, roleplaying journals, abuse survivor groups and one community discussing Nabokov. The efforts appear to have very little to do with any actual crimes committed on Livejournal. LJ's Abuse and legal team has apparently decided that having certain keywords consitutes criminal intent. Strikethrough 2007, Permanent Suspensions is an excellent clearinghouse of information, including malicious spyware attacks by this supposed vigilante group, lists of deleted and suspended communities as well as numerous other posts with relevant information. LJ users have posted several thousand comments in the past 24 hours asking for a public explanation from Livejournal/SixApart. Numerous paid users have stated they are withdrawing their business form the site. More than 12,000 users have joined Fandom Counts Community to show how their absence would negatively impact the finances of the company. In the past 24 hours, LJ & SixApart have failed to address the issue at all."

Submission + - Mass "false positive" LiveJournal account

Green Monkey writes: "More social network "false positives": LiveJournal has been permanently suspending accounts suspected of promoting incest — except that many of them were communities for survivors of abuse and people discussing Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. Even after being related to the problem, LiveJournal apparently refuses to reinstate the banned accounts. LiveJournal's official news blog has filled up with hundreds of complaints protesting the decision, so we could have another Digg-style user rebellion brewing."

Submission + - LiveJournal deleting "illegal" accounts

tirerim writes: "A group calling itself the Warriors For Innocence complained to LiveJournal that many journals and communities listed certain illegal interests that might encourage pedophilia. As a result, the company has apparently been deleting such accounts, no questions asked. Victims so far reportedly include several fanfiction communities, a discussion group for the book Lolita, journals of RPG characters, and, most disturbingly, some journals of survivors of child abuse."

Submission + - Livejournal/Six Apart begin mass-deleting accounts

LowbrowDeluxe writes: Livejournal has begun deleting accounts based solely on their listing 'illegal' interests. While Livejournal itself has yet to make any official statement on the more than 500 accounts already suspended, the President of the parent company has already been interviewed and claimed that the journals in question did not meet the criteria of the environment they wished to create. While the keywords used to choose the accounts were clearly related to child pornography, incest, and rape, accounts such as Harry Potter fan groups, and rape survivor groups have also been suspended, appearantly permanently. She a related news article here: al+revolt+-+page+2/2100-1025_3-6187619-2.html?tag= st.num Or just go to Livejournal and watch the panic spread.

Submission + - Chinese bombing range visible in Google Maps

kentrel writes: "Yesterday I found this slashdot comment which links to a google map photograph of a Chinese airbase deep in the middle of the Gobi Desert with a mock airbase built nearby, obviously used for practise bombing missions. I thought it was impressive so I posted the link to a flight sim forum and a poster noticed that the mock airbase was an exact replica of a Taiwanese airbase."

Submission + - Vigilante group wreaks havoc on LJ fandom

minkowski writes: "A mysterious group called Warriors for Innocence has approached Six Apart (the company which owns LiveJournal) demanding that certain journals and communities on LJ be terminated. The common trait shared by many of these journals and communities is that they contain fanfiction slash and incest. Of the blogs targeted for termination, most of them have been fandom related. The criteria for getting a journal deleted appears to be very broad. Many blogs have been deleted for merely mentioning the keyword "incest" in the list of interests. A post on this LJ users blog summarizes the rumors and accusations now flying between LJ users who feel betrayed — and Six Apart."
The Internet

Submission + - Twilight for Pegasus and Mercury

Daemon Duck writes: One of the web's oldest and most respected email clients is flickering out of existence. Pegasus mail and it's companion SMTP server, Mercury32, have been discontinued due to lack of funding for the ongoing development. On the website, the author David Harris states that if some funding becomes available he would consider opening the source code or continuing the development. The announcement can be read here.

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