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Comment Re:Just give us a name (Score 3, Insightful) 1204

Then I suggest you find the inconsistancies.

I prefer it the way it is: The police are investigating inconsistencies.

Finally, would your response be the same if this was Microsoft?

Yes. If someone found a super-secret XBox Phone on the floor of a bar disguised as a regular SideKick and took it home, took off it's disguise, discovered it was a super-secret prototype, called MS tech support in a paper-thin-CYA move, then sold it to Gizmodo... I would feel the exact same way I do now. Especially if they found (and kept!!) the name and work information of the actual owner of the phone on it

Comment Re:Just give us a name (Score 1) 1204

There are actually quite a few stories on Gizmodo about this entire chain of events and I would invite you to read them.

We should all take their word for it. After all, they have no reason to fudge the timeline, leave out details/damaging correspondence, or even make the whole thing up.

If anything this is going to come squarely back on Apple for filing a false police report.

Link to the report, please... or are you a.s.s.u.m.i.n.g.?


Submission + - Apple releases the A4 CPU (

Neurotic Nomad writes: Paul Miller at Engadget writes: "Look out Intel and friends, Apple is using its own P.A. Semi technology for a custom 1GHz "Apple A4" chip in the iPad. Apple claims to get 10 hours of battery life out of this sucker, along with a month of standby."

Comment ITunes LP in it's current form is a placeholder. (Score 1) 306

I have a feeling that, like 5th Generation iPod app downloads, this is just a small-scale test. Apple loves beta testing in the marketplace. When the Mighty Mouse came out, everyone just assumed it was arrogance that kept Apple from putting 2-physical buttons on it, but the actual reason was to perform a real-world test of multi-touch. When Apple added multi-finger gestures to the trackpads everyone called it a gimmick, but it was actually an unrecognized real-world debugging of future iPhone gestures. My take is that iTunes LP is a test of the format for the unnamed "iProd". When iProd 1,0 comes out I expect the LP format to have a few additions to the bundle, but also for current bundles to be backward compatible. This would be consistent with Apple's M.O. I also expect iLife '10 to introduce the format to the masses. If unofficial versions of iTLPs are made and traded, then that plays right into Apple's hand. If the Apple-designed bundle becomes standard, then that keeps any bundle with proprietary components from leveraging power over Apple's hardware designs. (cough, Adobe, cough, Microsoft, cough.)

Comment Mac users also use freeware. (Score 1) 283

For archiving, I just right-click and choose "Compress [Foldername]." For unarchiving The Unarchiver. My workflow is different from my years of WinZip, but only slightly.

For FTP/SFTP there's Cyberduck for free, but I paid for Transmit. I was a WS-FTP user for years and love the 2-pane view.

And as you said, TextWrangler for text editing.

Comment Touch !=Multi-touch. (Score 1) 371

Touch !=Multi-touch.

When the Slashdot crowd can't make the distinction, what chance does Joe Consumer?

The difference between a touchscreen and multitouch screen is what make the iPhone's (once-)unique method of implementing its OS features possible.

You may think that "touch is touch is touch, it's all the same" (Not YOU in particular, as I don't know you or what you think, but you the straw-man I'm railing against), but a swipe gesture with a finger is not the same as a swipe gesture with a stylus, no matter what your Slashdot reading self may think.

Because of the iPhone, the method of interacting with the feature-set of one's smartphone has changed on all phones.

Apple's total method has defined the rules of multi-touch Phone UI, and Apple defined having a multi-touch capable screen as what it is to BE a "touch screen phone".

If Joe Consumer hears "touch-screen", it better do what the iPhone's screen does.

Comment Re:Why "N word"? (Score 1) 437

You're fine with "gook", "kraut" and "haji" but can't bring yourself to say "nigger"?

Don't get me wrong. I think racism is despicable, but surely referencing the term like that shouldn't offend anyone.

Excellent question.

Answer: That one hits too close to home for me to use.

I'm not black, but I grew up in the racist south. It stings. I didn't type it because I didn't want to offend me.

Apparently, I'm either thoughtless or callous enough to not care if I offended others - or worse, I fell victim to the /. mindset that this is an all_U.S._all_white_all_male group.

Mea Culpa. I am an assface.

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