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Comment Sperm Wheelchairs? (Score 1) 99

Is your penis cranking slow lately. Sperm lacking those revs it used to have? Well look no further! We that new energy drink to wake that sleeping monster in your pants! You'll have kids pouring out the windows of your house in no time!!*** *** (Not responsible for the bills you will incur after having so many kids)

Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 1) 168

I agree that condensation will eventually seep in and condense into water. But ingenious planning could overcome it. Use positive ventilation, guarded from bringing in more humidity, snow, bugs, dirt, and rain system to the pipes underground. Solar power it - it will activate on the "good days". If necessary, leave access points to easily slide new optic fiber, wrapped in low friction plastic and points where the fiber needs welding. Nothing is perfect. But it will be awfully close to being permanent. Nothing is permanent in this world.. earthquakes and land movement will see to that.

Comment Eww Patents (Score 1) 242

Patents have become the slimy anchor, that keeps innovations, progressions, and stifles us from doing anything good! (Originally, they were given for a number of years and then expired. This gave the company a chance to recoup the money invested in research, development and production of the product. Patents used to be a good thing.)

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