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Comment A medal!? (Score 1) 192

You thought outside the BOX! That is General material!

But seriously the military does so many things ass backwards and there are people who will be mad at your because you now have replaced 3 people with one person.

Just think on the civilian sector working for the Federal Gov you have eliminated 4 jobs and have saved tax payers millions in paychecks and retirement benefits.
But you have just put 100+ people out of a job and they are mad at your because the Gov owes them something.

Don't rock the boat because people don't want anything to get better. They want things to remain the same.

Want a living wage working at MC Dookies!? Suuuuure!!!! Bring out those iPad POS systems! Who needs workers manning the front counter! Get in the back Fry guy!

Comment Bunch of liars and thieves (Score 1) 461

I remember when our Marine Corps KC-130's had such outdated radar, Our Naviguesser who was an enlisted person had to plot everything by paper.
Then they retrofitted several of our KC-130's with new GPS devices. WOW 100 times more accurate and several years latter got rid of the Navigator.

Very little was done to the aircraft to implement it and in fact I believe we reused the existing wiring from our Radar unit and spliced different connectors to plug in the GPS device.

It was 4 times smaller took up less space and it was so freaking reliable they never broke.

Just strap a fucking Go Pro on the damn Airplanes they seem just as indestructible as a Black box and they float!

These are the same airlines who were told in the late 1970's to install reinforced cockpit doors due to increased hijackings.

It's too expensive! They all exclaimed. 4 aircraft destroyed during 9/11 and I don't remember the number of lives.
But they have the audacity to charge extra for baggage fees and whatever else they feel like tacking on.
Now we all pay for the high school push out TSA Grope agents feeling up your wife and taking X-rays pics of your kids.

Fucking airlines When they invent transporter technology I am going to beam a fucking dildo up each CEO's ass! and all the TSA agents.

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