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Comment Irony (Score 0) 123

"Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche defrauded thousands of Massachusetts consumers, polluted our air, and damaged our environment and then, to make matters worse, plotted a massive cover-up to mislead environmental regulators," said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

She then got in to her Cadillac Escalade and drove away.

Comment Re:So the farmer is merely renting the tractor? (Score 2) 639

The EV1 was a lease vehicle from the get go and , these farmers are purchasing the tractor, big difference. The EV1 was as close to experimental as a, using loosely in this case, a production car can get. A tractor sold by John Deere? Not so much. It's boils down to what can be enforced from a UELA legally. The EV1 being a lease program, I would think, would give the manufactures a distinct advantage when considering that it wasn't available in all states and you had to get on a list to get one.

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

I would doubt that getting rid of smoking in bars and restaurants would be showing up this soon in the form of less of these diseases. Not saying that they don't cause these things but I would doubt it could be that measurable this quickly and across the nation as a whole to the point that you'd see it in this form.

Comment Re:Most Clients Get Infected Looking For Free Movi (Score 1) 212

"I don't even look for porn/movies online" = "I look for movies and porn online all the time"

Funnier is some that I know are quite the church goers and then I find traces from "girl on girl" or "young sluts" on their computers. Wouldn't believe how fast they blame someone else.

Comment Re: What typically happens (Score 1) 209

That's the main problem is that when you call for support you talk to (most times) a person that doesn't have the skill level to go off script and actually fix the problem and they are stubborn to admit that a device is defective or that buggy software is at issue.

The place I work for purchases software through Autodesk, which they pay about 20k a year in subscription cost for, yet if I have to call them I first get a person in India and then if I ask for the "American" call center I get a person in Costa Rica. Fixing issues that are killing time (=money) takes entirely too long and that's not even including the language barrier. I have even gotten in to an argument with one that kept telling me that a product that they stopped making in 2009 (yet we are supposedly still able to install) doesn't work on windows 7 because the system requirements list only to Vista. Worse is that the newer releases of their software seems to keep getting buggier and buggier. Also odd that they and others have pulled the bullshit where every year they release a new version. This isn't Madden football. I don't require roster updates, but yet year after year they keep releasing crap to justify their excessive costs.

Their latest is doing away with perpetual licenses and going to a total monthly subscriptions which if you stop paying, bye bye software. There is no option on new licenses for buy the software outright. Granted if you have already been on perpetual license, those remain that way, but they won't even send a USB drive for free that contains the software you purchased instead I have to burn up our bandwidth downloading their buggy, poorly supported software, but like I say jokingly to the owners of the company "Hey, what do you expect for 20k a year?"

Comment Re:Tesla is still an exotic car company. (Score 1) 129

Yeah, you don't see the problems like these with other exotic cars, probably because those companies have been making cars for a LONG time. The process gets perfected over time and quality tends to increase for the most part. The media wants to put Tesla on a pedestal all the time and claim he is revolutionizing how cars are built, which anyone that knows better knows this is utter bullshit. Tesla has used talent from Detroit and elsewhere to accomplish what they couldn't on their own, but if you believe the media bullshit you'd think he and his company came up with every aspect of his cars.

Comment Re:Yes please (Score 1) 228

This is just like the "pre crime" bullshit that subverts the US justice systems. If a person hasn't committed a crime then there is no legal action take and punishment for crimes committed is to be based on those crimes. If a person is a repeat offender, fine take that in to account for sentencing. I can't believe Wisconsin is doing this and that it would stand up in court.

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