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Comment Re:Is the EPA violating the establishment clause? (Score 1) 858

Reams? You mean all the models that they have to admit are wrong once they are inspected by someone other then those that make monetary gains said models? Is that evidence a tolerance of ±.1 degrees and a claim that it was warmer by .02 degrees? Do you not know how tolerance works? Are we supposed to ignore math too? Yes, but it is "I" that is hard headed. How about we go through how the whole bullshit 97% number was come too? Odd considering it recently because 99% also without any new studies. Why not look up how often you can really, in a legitimate study that doesn't blur facts and hen peck number, come to a number where 99% of scientists agree on anything. No, better to keep the blinders on and not actually look in to anything.

Comment Re:Is the EPA violating the establishment clause? (Score 1) 858

All while ignoring failed models of the past, claims that can't be backed up, hottest years "ever" that has a tolerance bigger than the number claimed (ie fuck math?) the "rising oceans" that are supposedly swapping low laying countries yet areas of the US coast that are low have not changed. Yes, keep "pounding" it through our heads, because that's worked SOOO well so far. Science left the "all in" crowd of climate change years ago. If it didn't they wouldn't talk in matter of facts, not want to debate a thing, and then claim "the science is settled!" like the science so beyond questioning. Hell after things like CERN bringing in to question Einstein’s theory of relativity, how can any one that is rational say that "the science is settled"?

Comment Re:4 years from now (Score 1) 858

So do you have the same concerns about what the Obama administration did for international relationships? Because they are A LOT worse then when he took office, unless you want to say bending over for Iran who has already crapped on that deal while taking the money and running, and kissing Cuba's ass offsets the terrible relationship he has had with just about everyone else. But, yeah, lets go with the henny penny "the sky is falling" bullshit routine again. That is what got Trump elected.

Comment Re:This is how you drain the swamp (Score 0) 858

I know! Have you seen those computer models?? You know, the computer model that are terrible and 99% of the time wrong (shout out to the 97% that became 99% without any new study) We should all hedge our bets on these models and throw all sorts of cash as them, stop doing all things of daily life, and live in caves in the nude while eating kale. That sounds reasonable!

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 588

Yes, tell us more while ignoring how the 97% number was achieved, the tolerance for the "warmest year EVER!" claim was bigger than the claim of how much warmer it was, the year of record cold all over the world 3 years ago but claimed "warmest year ever", the ignoring of satellite data in temp measurement for the "warmest year ever" claims. Ignoring ice production at Antarctica while claiming it's melting then a bunch of climatologist get stuck frozen in the ice upon a ship that the believers make excuses as to why it happened. The list goes on, but yeah, tell us all about the "lies" you "uncovered". It means SOOO much when you ignore the misinformation, claim you "don't give a flying fuck" about someone that the climate change community used to extort funds out of governments, and then go off about "defending liars" and ending corruption but ignore everything President Obama has done while in office and most likely think he has actually had "the most transparent administration EVER!!!". It's like a crack head telling a heroin addict that he is despicable.

Comment Re: This works for me (Score 4, Insightful) 416

Well considering that the Smith Mundt act was repealed under President Obama, our government can now use propaganda on it's citizens. The dumbing down of the snowflake, "lets protest everything" generation makes it easier for them to push that, but they missed one thing. No one trusts the mainstream media here and it's losing viewers left and right. That's why they come up with sensationalism like this story to try and snag a viewer or clicker in with bullshit. Anyone with a little bit of reading comprehension can see past the bullshit. But back to your original, stupid post. Compared to China, we are a thousand times more free. Don't think so? Try the same protest we've seen over here in Tiananmen square. Enjoy the tank tread tattoo.

Comment Re:Dissent will be labelled fake news (Score 1) 262

Yes, they are going to get "thrown in jail" for having a result of a website that someone deems "fake". So are they going to not have any of the major media outlets on their sites also? Because I see PLENTY of fake, native ad stories on the mainstream sources all the time. You can spot them when they are fluff pieces that mention specific brand names for no reason. By the way, this isn't Canada and comparing the two is no even reliant. Canada still kisses the ass of a monarchy thousands of miles across a sea.

Comment Oh China! (Score 2) 416

"the influential entrepreneur said in a recent keynote speech at a state-sponsored conference"

"State-sponsored conference" says it all about what Li's speecg really is. It's propaganda sent out by the Chinese government in an attempt to attack whatever plans the incoming administration might have. Funny that the clip here on slash dot doesn't have the stipulation for getting the $1 million dollar bonus. It's open it Nobel Prize winners, which could make considerably more in the Valley through awards, grants, salary, etc. But hey, good luck in China if that's where you think you'd like to live.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

I think you mean mass produced, candy bar chocolate, which is available in the US AND Europe. A lot of the times it's not even real chocolate but what is called confectionary coating which is a cheaper, easier to work with substitute. Tempering real chocolate to make it look right and not have a milky haze is almost an art. Temps and humidity have to be in a range to control how it hardens to get a nice shine to the chocolate. With confectionary coating it isn't as particular, which is why A LOT of the big manufacturers use it because it's easy to control. That's also why a lot of the, for lack of a better term, hobbyists use it to make chocolate molds around the holidays. With real chocolate if you are using a double boiler to melt it, you have to be on top of it to get the end product to look good. That's why chocolatiers use temping machines that constantly stirs the melted chocolate and holds it at a certain temp. With all that said, confectionary coating is sweeter and waxy, and to me, disgusting but easy to work with. There is PLENTY of fine chocolates available in the US, you just have to know where and what to get. Hell, even big chain supermarkets sometimes have some decent US and European chocolates. Even at that, If I am looking at European chocolate I am looking for Belgian or German chocolates. Chocolates from other countries

Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 1) 351

Actually there have been numerous studies that have shown damage to valves and valve seats as a result of running ethanol blended fuels, even in vehicles that are supposedly designed to run ethanol E85. When this damage happened it increased the emissions the vehicles put out so any benefit from running straight ethanol or even a blend is totally shot when you consider this and it being 30% less fuel efficient.

Most small engines (weed whip, lawn mowers, leaf blower, outboard motors) have breakdown issue with cheap fuel lines that manufacturers use. These eventually deteriorate totally or enough to block fuel filters and carburetors. What do most do when that happens? Throw it out and get new ones, which adds to waste and again nullifies any benefit gained from the ethanol.

Auto manufacturers actually warned against using gas with ethanol blended in it for car built before 2001, saying it would void warranties, although when they said that most all those vehicles were already out of warranty.

Ethanol also increases the likeliness of water getting in to gas because alcohol can hold more water. With changing conditions it can cause too much water to be held in the alcohol which will cause it to drop out of suspension and turn in to a gooey mess that with glob up fuel systems and cause an engine to cease running.

Bio diesel I think is great, but ethanol, with all it's issues and government subsidies to produce is just an epic failure all the way around.

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