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Comment temporary fix (Score 3, Interesting) 77

If you control your Belkin WeMo's locally like I do (Shell Script To Control Belkin WeMo’s -, the answer is as simple as a few firewall rules to stay safe. First, when I read this, I panicked and blocked all outgoing requests from the IP's of my WeMo's, then watched the firewall log to see what they were trying to do. Mine were pinging my LAN default gateway, trying to connect to "", and trying to connect to multiple IP's on UDP port 123. I adjusted my rules to allow them to hit the default gateway directly (but not NAT through it), since this is probably some check by the local OS on the WeMo's to see if the network is up. I also allowed them to hit anything on UDP 123 (NTP), since without the current time, they can be useless with a schedule. Looking at my logs now, all I see blocked is the constant requests to "". Local control resumed normally with these changes in place.

Comment yawn, still using a verison from like 8 years ago (Score 1) 658

This will force the people that actually profit from it and use it professionally to step up and buy. The casual users like myself will continue to use outdated versions happily since it does 90% of what I want to do, 100% better than anything else available Heck, I'm still using PageMaker 6.5 for some stuff.

Comment HIPAA (Score 1) 1307

I work in the managed IT services space, and honestly given this is a health organization and HIPAA applies, I think they're being rather nice. If you're able to build a box, connect it to the hospital network, and get a port opened to the outside world where you are potentially storing PHI (face it, you're going to end up with at least a peppering of health information in even just the subject entries let alone the details for the calendar). . . that's pretty lax on their part. Does the hospital outsource their IT support? If yes, I'd jump on the opportunity to move forward with "just providing a login", because if this works it's way up the chain you'll no doubt be taking that machine how with you soon :) If the hospital manages their own IT, you're chances are better since there's probably less worry of finger pointing in the event of a breach.

Comment it's all about precision and speed (Score 1) 568

I strongly agree here regarding speed and precise control in a fast-paced FPS. If you're a casual gamer, the difference won't matter, but if you're a seasoned, skilled competitor. . it will. The level of speed and precision available is simply higher. I've been playing FPS games on PC since ~95, and I usually play the *same game* for ~3 years. I play for ~7 hours a week on avg. (since 95) If you see you, you're dead. I'd say I'm near instantly on target over 90% of the time with the very first shot I fire. At the higher levels of gameplay, winning or losing is about predicting your target(s) behavior and staying REALLY attentive. Crazy-high levels of accuracy and speed and more like a pre-requisite. Without them, it's not a fair fight. If you still think it is, find the auto-aim feature in your console game and turn it off (if it lets you).

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