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Comment AI Training (Score 1) 78

Firoiu's next idea was to upload the AI into a robotic battle bot to see how it would perform in the real world. The AI Phillip handily destroyed the other human control battled bots and went on to attack and maim the other competitors and judges before running out of gas while the phrase "kill all humans" played on its speaker. I was just like, 'Oh my gosh.'

Comment Respect the pecking order. Don't fly above them (Score 5, Interesting) 136

After flying RC planes/helicopters/quads for decades you learn that flying above a bird of prey is considered an aggressive dominating move and they will almost always counter to defend their territory and reestablish dominance. If you fly below them like the other smaller birds they consider you prey and rarely attack because you are not their familiar favorite meal.

Comment Re:THIS I'm OK with. (Score 2) 53

They are behind and trying to catchup. Subaru already has the jump on them with Eyesight technology

I've used it, it works, and has saved me from a collision with a lead car making a false start in a merge, made a 1000 mile road trip a breeze with adaptive cruise that will even bring you to a stop in heavy traffic , and once alerted me about lane departure while nodding off behind the wheel when i was really tired. It has taken awhile to adjust that the car technology is shadowing my decisions and ready to act, but now I'm use it to and wouldn't buy a car without it. This is the thin end of the self driving car wedge.

Comment Re:So, which bacteria are the good ones? (Score 4, Funny) 152

There are studies that have shown that it is extremely difficult to change you gut flora by simply ingesting a probiotic pill. What little life makes its way through the hostile environment of the stomach finds a world with very few free niches to colonize and no preferred food sources to live on. The more effect way is to just eat the kinds of foods the life you want to live in your gut thrive on. All life comes covered with the microbes necessary to digest itself and return it to the soil. You are what eats what you eat. If you want to get healthy microbes in your diet, eat non pasteurized fermented foods like sauerkraut.

Comment Re:Rather Have a Map of Assualt Rifle Owners (Score 1) 1232

Nutter: British English slang word for a mentally ill person or for someone who is fearless, tough and cruel.

I don't mind sane, gentle, & kind people owning guns. But as I said, I don't want nutters, ie mentally ill or fearless, tough, & cruel people, who feel a need to own assault rifles living near me. If you are self identifying as a gun owning nutter, then yes, I don't want to live near you either.

Comment Re:Much rather see restaurant monitoring (Score 1) 96

Your doing it wrong. Anyone eating feed lot corn cow burgers and burritos should expect 24 hours on the throne as the norm, not the outlier. There are a lot more issues with fast food then just the building and staff hygiene. The food itself is suspect and lacking in real nutrition.

Eating healthy means eating single source foods that are preferably made from local organically produced ingredients. When you look at a plate of food there should be little mystery about where the food on it came from and how it was made. So many people buy the lie that visual equivalence in food equals nutritional or sanitary equivalence, but they are not and the clearest evidence of this is the sad state of the heavily chemically fertilizer salted, herbicide, insecticide polluted soils they come from.

Real health begins with an active healthy soil food web in soils high in organic matter that is continually replenished, which is then used to raise healthy diverse plant life that can nutritiously feed you, the animals that you depend on for food, AND the larger food web of wildlife that keeps the pathogens and pests in check. In race to the bottom for the cheapest convenience food, you, the mono cropped and feed lot food you are eating, and the polluted soil it is created on are the losers. If you want true "Homeland Security", start by making healthy choices and seeking out responsibly made food.

"A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Comment Re:Let's go retro... (Score 2) 590

The bigger payoff is in improving the energy efficiencies of existing models then trying to create new ones. Moving cargo by ship takes advantage of the density difference between water and air for buoyancy and reduced friction of heavy loads. When we talk about where you can place 5 to 10 square city block of solar panels on a moving object, a container ship comes to mind. Add to that things like giant kites to take advantage of free wind power and air lubrication of the hulls. We need that kind of thinking in improving land based transport.

Comment Urban Homesteading (Score 1) 525

I think the best way to combat the loss of craftsmanship and sustainability is to encourage urban homesteading. We as a society need to encourage people to nurture the land around them, to plant gardens to feed their families and the nature in their ecosystems, to build workshops to make crafts and maintain their dwellings, and to share this knowledge with their children and neighbors to keep a pool of sustainable knowledge alive. I am a programmer and maintainer of a data center by day, but I am heirloom gardener, plant and wildlife biodiversity advocate, and workshop tinkerer the rest of the time. I share those passions with the people I connect with in the hope that they will take those seeds of healthy living and spread them to other communities.

Comment The Multiverse Apocolapse (Score 2) 95

Gradually the multiverse calculations our universe spawns will become more complex and longer lived until the secret of a self sustaining calculation that uses the very fabric of space time as its compuational engine is found and grows rapidly with inflation to consume our universe and give birth to new ones. /tin foil

Comment Re:AppleTV (Score 1) 380

With iTunes the pilot episodes are usually free promos or if not you can buy just a few, then if you like the show you can "complete my season" which deducts any single episode you bought from the price of the season. Don't get me wrong, I use Netflix too for exploring old movies and back episodes, but for movies and shows that are current iTunes lets you keep up with minimal lag time unlike Netflix release times and limited selection. For my family it is really all about the quality of the shows writing, with no ads to junk up our peaceful home, and being able to schedule time to watch one or two shows near bedtime with no fuss or ad skipping. Apple's solution provides that and the iOS integrations like Airplay etc are just a bonus.

Comment AppleTV (Score 3, Insightful) 380

Apple are on thier way to winning this war on cable. The new AppleTV was quietly updated to 1080p and requires no local time shifting storage solution. The have secured agreements so you can get most shows one day behind air date, with premium shows from HBO released after season ends. No commercials for the majority except for Glee which did put in post show adverts that put it in my will not watch again list. No monthly fee so you can not buy anything new and still have access to you previous purchases. Prediction: Apple will release AppleTV iOS apps with user selectable channels and lower the bar to become a broadcaster with Apple doing delivery. Tight integration with iPads and iPhones for remote control with Siri voice query as option. Maybe a TV set with AppleTV docking station to allow for brain upgrades without replacing set every time.

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