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Comment Re:Wow, maybe hold a vigil (Score 1) 1079

Yeah, like the Jews screwed up by not holding enough candlelight vigils.

Watts was in a position I refuse to put myself into, dealing with the Homoland Stasi butches. They are there specifically to hassle, harrass and humiliate US citizens. Send the good old boys from Georgia up to Maine to frig with the Mainers born across the border and send the Mainers to the southwest to get freaked out by the skin colors. Standard imperial practice.

Watts went wrong crossing the border in the first place. Those of us with a "bad attitude" should know better than to put ourselves in a position where we have to stand up or wimp out. Existential is the right word, I think.

And yeah, there are good cops. And good soldiers. But fewer and fewer every day - so few it's already too late.

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