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Comment Re:A quick translation (Score 1) 562

Exactly. No person on the phone at telco will know exactly how a piece of software like this was developed. You have to dig deep down hierarchy that has no customer interactions by far to get someone that possibly has an idea. Likely a brush off. Either that, or person knows formula is: x*1.3=usage ; where x is real usage. He is more likely to be onto something though because 30% extra bandwidth charge is nice profit for users that new to internet scene, and nice savings on selling you 100GB package and letting you only use 70GB.

Comment So... (Score 1) 101

Depending on my mood, I'm likely to get locked out? God forbid I should start using a new app, that would also lock me out as mouse movement are sure to be different. Maybe I slept bad, and my arm hurts? Maybe it's just stress over review coming up?

Basically if any conditions change in user's personality of physiology, or computer's configuration, or your routine daily tasks security app would be useless.

If it was used as part of hybrid solution its still useless, why just not get timed user prompt in high-security areas to have user enter it every 30 minutes. That is more secure.

If it was used in some medical sense to identify changes in stress or personality,or mental issue outbursts about to occur by logging your mouse movements, then I'd say great!

Comment Re:Chronic Depression, type 1 diabetes, (Score 1) 190

You are saying that some of our greatest achievement came from people with Autism? You are an ignorant ass to say the least. Or maybe you are autistic person who thinks they are a genius?

Autism is disability. Retardation of learning and brain capacity! No genius was ever born autistic.

Geniuses might have different brain wiring that gives them an advantage over certain ways of thinking and memorization, which also makes the quirky or obsessive compulsive, etc... but very far from Autistic.

Depression is a disease! Also which can only hinder mental capacity or will of a person to be mentally advanced.

The only thing these two sicknesses have to do with "being better" for society is: Survival of fittest... Darwin's law... those with weak DNA don't reproduce and their family DNA dies off... that is only thing I can think of...

Diabetes not genetic? Seriously? What do you call then something that has genetic predisposition? LOL Sure it's not 100% you are going to get it,but more likely than not if your parents had it. So are certain heart diseases, and so are certain type of cancers too... genetically passed on!

Don't be running around misinforming people... and don't be an ass calling serious deadly diseases good for humanity...

Comment Re:Load balancing and an experienced sysadmin (Score 1) 197

No, it just blocked IPs from DoS traffic because it was easy to identify... customers ware unaffected. If you can block anything that sends you more than 200 requests within a minute you are off to a good start.

It depends on how many nodes DoS is coming from though, as if it's coming from 1,000,000 nodes, it would only need to make let's say 5 requests per second and it would saturate network, and no firewall would effectively stop it. However, if DoS is going from 1000 nodes with 1000 requests per second trying to saturate your network - those types of DoS will easily be dropped by almost any properly configured firewall.

Essentially, I agree that if DoS was as large as what brought Sony to a crawl, then only good planning ahead could negate it. It involves a lot more than a firewall. But if you are running medium sized business, and it's some script kiddies that are coming together to try and bring your site down through DoS, it can easily be negated with a proper firewall.

Comment Re:Load balancing and an experienced sysadmin (Score 1) 197

I've used WatchGuard appliance and it did just that under DDOS attack. It also has a timer you can set for how long the IPs that are found performing an attack will be blocked for... worked really well with minimal setup effort, but it can be costly appliance depending on company size.

I've used some other appliances as well that did not have this feature, and it has caused issues under DDOS. You could also setup scripts with iptables under any UNIX flavor you pick to do just that as well.

Submission + - Megaupload Shut Down (

Nesa2 writes: "Federal prosecutors in Virginia say they have shut down one of the world’s largest Internet file-sharing sites,, and charged its founder and others with violating piracy laws."

Submission + - FBI: shut down, workers jailed (

coondoggie writes: "The US Department of Justice today said it charged seven people and two corporations with running what it called an international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy of numerous types of copyrighted works. The DoJ stated that through the company known as and other related sites, the group has generated more than $175 million in criminal proceeds and cost copyright holders more than half a billion dollars."

Comment $199 already at Futureshop (Score 1) 141

This is not news as 16GB is on sale at Futureshop at $199 link (Canadian)

32GB is also on sale for $249 link (Canadian)

64GB is selling for $399 so in that case "buy any for $299" is a good deal... essentially only for 64GB version is good for this deal.

I saw these deals during Christmas Boxing day on-line sales, and even though I'm in a market for a tablet under $200 that performs reasonably well, I still didn't have any interest in RIM product. It's too proprietary for my taste and it locks me in their very limited market, and it can not be rooted to run android last time I checked...but I might be wrong... I'd pay around $100 to buy it as a kids toy, for them to draw or play YouTube videos as similar products geared towards kids are much more expensive and much more lacking even than RIM's PlayBook.

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